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Is the rabies shot given in the belly button?

Today the vaccine is given in the arm muscle, like a flu or tetanus shot! In the 70s, the procedure consisted of 14 to 21 shots! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Starwalker Reply:

    I just had the rabies series last night. The ER gave me 5 shots at once. 1 in each shoulder, 1 in each hip and 1 at the bite wound. The bite wound was the only shot that hurt. I think the only reason it hurt was they included Lidocaine in that shot. I only felt the Lidocaine burning

  2. Brenda Reply:

    I was bitten by a rabid dog in the face. At that time I did have the 21 shots in the stomach treatment. That is not the case now. At the site of bite there is one injection given and then 5 more over a certain period of time in the arm.

  3. BH Reply:

    Seriously, in the 70’s, I went thru the series of rabies shots, with the injections thru the center of my navel. The Dr that gave these, thought this was the best way to do it. Can’t ever remember anything so painfu however, it kept me alive. When you have a convoluted outie, the needle touched on every nerve ending along the way, and the vaccine stung immensly when injected. My navel stung for several minutes after the needle was pulled ut

  4. BH Reply:

    I have gone thru the rabies series years ago before the vaccine changed. I got the 21 shots thru my navel. Having a twisted outie, and convoluted, this was extremely painful. Lots of nerve endings, the sharp needle touched against

  5. Luise Reply:

    However, if you see a bump under the navel, the raccoon is a male. 4 Since raccoons are known rabies carriers, you will need to receive shots that to prevent Source:

  6. Michiko Reply:

    It’s really sensitive! My biggest fear is that I would need a rabies shot; they do that in the belly button!! Eeeekkkkk!! Anyway, you’re not weird. lol ;

  7. Sherill Reply:

    Rabies injections were ordinarily given around navel because a complete course of treatment takes 14 days or 21 days in some cases. For adequate treatment one (very painful) injection daily without fail is essential. Only abdomen has suffic… Source:

  8. Maile Reply:

    Facts about rabies and rabies vaccine Rabies is a virus that attacks the brain and nervous systems of mammals. It can be contracted at any time of the year by an animal of any age, and is always fatal. A rabies vaccination does not in itsel… Source:

  9. Chieko Reply:

    the reason the shot is administerd to animals is so a small amount of the rabbies disease in the animals body can be immune to the disease is it incounterd it Source:

  10. Kayleen Reply:

    is it ok if my dog’t have the dogs shot record. I thought he had his got a booster shot of’yt get the first rabies shot rabies even if he didn? I switched vets and didn first

  11. Brook Reply:

    Dont worry!If you live in the United States and receive treatment for rabies after an animal bite, treatment consists of one dose of rabies immune globulin and five doses of rabies vaccine over a 28-day period! Youre given the immune globulin by injection around the site of the bite, and you receive injections of the vaccine into your upper arm muscle!You dont get 100 injections into your belly button! Youd be surprised how many adults are afraid of rabies injections because theyve heard they are extremely painful injections into the abdomen! I work for a doctors office, and that belief is practically universal!Also, the vaccine works! Studies show that if the vaccine is given immediately and appropriately to someone who was bitten by a rabid animal, it is 100 percent effective!However, once the person develops symptoms of rabies, it is almost always fatal! Its very important that treatment starts immediately!

  12. Loriann Reply:

    May 6, 2008 There are widespread, outdated rumors about the rabies shot for You may have heard that a rabies shot for a human consists of multiple shots given by such as through the belly button or somewhere else in the stomach.

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