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What are the best kinds of food to eat when you have the stomach flu?

The best foods to eat when you have the stomach flu is chicken broth, gingerale, saltine crackers and jello! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ora Reply:

    The best food for people with the stomach flu virus is bland food that can be easily There are some foods that you should avoid if you have the stomach flu virus. fluids and eating the right kind of foods for the duration of the stomach flu can Source:

  2. Keri Reply:

    Photos of top foods for when you have the flu. first foods doctors encourage people to try when they’re recovering from stomach flu and ready for solid foods.

  3. Suk Reply:

    The key to a healthy diet is moderation. When you label foods as good or bad diet foods, you are setting yourself up for a binge. Look at the food pyramid for the best guidance – lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein. Keep… Source:

  4. Treva Reply:

    Everyone has different tastes and what kinds of foods they like to eat. Me, I’m not discriminating and will eat any type of food available. Many cultures only eat food from their own culture. I like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and most other… Source:

  5. Anisa Reply:

    It is best to not eat huge meals when you have a stomach flu. You should stick to yogurts and soups. Also try to drink a lot of water and juices with antioxidants in them. Source:

  6. Teresa Reply:

    What kinds of things are ok to go about every 20 to eat when you have but I have like pure the stomach flu? Ok, I know this is gross water diarrhea and I have min. Im not hung

  7. Jennine Reply:

    I tried to answer but it wouldnt let me post the corrections! Send me an email message, maybe it will let me post one back to you! I think it was too long to post here! :\

  8. Joleen Reply:

    BRAT- Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast are all very bland foods that help to slow down What is the best thing to eat when you have a stomach virus? Type the username or email address you used when you signed up on Answers. com:

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