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What are the symptoms of mild stomach flu?

Symptoms of gastroenteritis or stomach flu include abdominal cramps, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sandie Reply:

    There are dozens of causes for mild stomach pain, and determining the root cause relief from stomach flu symptoms, but be cautious when taking medications Source:

  2. Carrol Reply:

    Aug 14, 2008 Symptoms can last anywhere from one to ten days, depending on which virus a person is infected with. Stomach flu symptoms can be mild to

  3. Nichole Reply:

    The first thing to do to ease the symptoms of stomach flu is to switch to a clear liquid diet. Sprite, ginger ale, chicken broth, and Jello are all great choices. You may want to steer clear of juices until your stomach flu has gotten a lit… Source:

  4. Lorrie Reply:

    Often when people think of the flu, they think of vomiting and diarrhea. However, these are symptoms that are more common in children than adults. More often than not, people don’t vomit at all with a mild flu. The flu doesn’t have to be se… Source:

  5. Dani Reply:

    Stomach flu, not to be confused with seasonal flu, usually has severe symptoms that last from 24-48 hours after onset. It typically includes vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps and lack of appetite. Source:

  6. Rebecca Reply:

    How do you die from Swine flu if if its just from this flu how did mild flu like symptoms? Hundreds of people have died they die? I don’t understand how people die from this t

  7. Laurine Reply:

    Listeria!!!Okay, listeria is VERY rare! There were just over 1000 reported cases to the CDC last year – 60% of them were pregnant women! There are a billion other infections that cause flu-like symptoms (like a cold) and are much more likely that you have contracted them rather than listeria!Ive had a few bouts of flu like symptoms this pregnancy!

  8. Dora Reply:

    Gastroenteritis (also known as gastric flu, stomach flu, gastro and stomach For mild or moderate cases this can typically be achieved via oral rehydration solution. These symptoms usually begin 12–72 hours after contracting the infectious

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