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What can I give a 5 month old for flu, cough?

Little Noses brand makes infant medicines! Look at Walgreens or your pharrmacy! Also, talk to the pharmacist and see what they recommend! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Stefani Reply:

    When your 6-month-old baby is coughing, you want nothing more than to make it stop and help her to feel better. Help your baby stop coughing so that he can get some rest. Flag this 5. Keep your baby as upright as possible. Lying down can make a coughing problem worse, . How to Stop a Cough From a Cold or Flu Source:

  2. Letty Reply:

    Call the doctor if your child’s cough doesn’t get better after about a week. You should also call if your child: is less than 3 months old; is breathing more rapidly

  3. Freda Reply:

    If the symptoms are severe as you say, these could be symptoms of a serious infection. Most people faced with these symptoms in an infant would contact a medical professional urgently, or go to the Emergency Room for treatment, especially i… Source:

  4. Dannielle Reply:

    A trip to the emergency room! Source:

  5. Latanya Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Cough medicines are not recommended for children under 4 years old. Try cold juices, humidifiers or steam. See MD if not improving. Source:

  6. Margarita Reply:

    My 11 month old has cough said that he cannot prescribe, is it safe to give cough syrup? I took my little baby her hedera helix in a to her pediatrician and he anything agains

  7. Cristi Reply:

    for a baby that young there really isnt a whole lot they can or will do unless its really serious! Keep her nose cleaned out with a nasal aspirator and try to keep her elevated (if you can, you may have to hold her) when shes sleeping) Ive put my son in his infant car seat to sleep when hes all congested, it keeps him elevated and I can get a little sleep(maybe if Im lucky)! There is also Little Noses Saline drops(Im not sure exactly what its called) thats ok for babies because its not medicated! Using a cold mist humidifier might help! Good luck!!!

  8. Kimberly Reply:

    Send me the monthly newsletter. added Can sub zero temperatures cure a cold or flu to Cold and Flu 8 Feb From Exposure to SymptomsIt usually takes about 3-5 days, but It can take less than Catching A Cold From Someone ElseYou are most likely to get a cold if someone sneezes or coughs over you.

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