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What do you eat to help get rid of a cold or a flu?

The power of produce: Plant foods contain natural disease fighting compounds called phytochemicals and antioxidants! These substances can enhance your immune system! Therefore, eat vegetables and fruits at least 5 times a day, preferably 7-9 times! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. hailey Reply:

    what helps for me is HOT soups and green tea

  2. Devona Reply:

    In order to get rid of a cold fast you must take care of your body the moment you first If you ignore your symptoms you will make yourself more sick. If you can sleep, you should do as much of it as possible. Eat well. If you are sick you may not feel like eating. You must anyway. Although head colds aren't the flu or. Source:

  3. Beatrice Reply:

    For cold and flu prevention, make sure you manage your stress and laugh a lot! Neither do I. But what I do eat is organic chicken broth with miso. Amping up your immune system will get rid of the virus a lot faster than if you take the route of

  4. Sharita Reply:

    Go to a health food store if possible and purchase an organic purple skin garlic bulb. The bulb will look predominately white with purple tinges of purple coloring throughout the skin. To use purple skinned garlic to rid flu or cold symptom… Source:

  5. Breanne Reply:

    Cold sores appear overnight, seemingly at random. What you eat can sometimes trigger outbreaks–and luckily, what you eat can also speed up the duration of the outbreak. While there’s no immediate way to get rid of a cold sore, eating certa… Source:

  6. Cori Reply:

    I opened an office over 15 years ago and have never missed a day of work due to illness. Using this method, I can generally get over a cold or flu in 4 hours and that has happened about four times in the last 15 years. The first thing you n… Source:

  7. Cherish Reply:

    What’s the best way to get rid of a cold/flu? I’ve only been taking Mucinex, which thins up the mucus and helps nasal congestion. But… I still get the headaches, coughs, m

  8. Cammie Reply:

    You know?? Im a little worried about that ear!!you said its draining,and it isnt popping as often as it was,but I am concerned about an inner ear infection!I went to the er 2 days ago,and was diagnosed with an inner ear infection!I know before I even went I had an infection due to my symptoms!!!ear swelling,and some pain were my only symptoms!But,the er doctor asked me if I had ear drainage and ear popping,and of course I didnt!Im just concerned is all!Now!!as for what else you may be able to do to ward off any other symptoms?? Honestly?? You may think my advice is silly,but I take a seltzer called (not sure of the proper spelling) E-mergency,or something similar!This over the counter seltzer really helps boost ones immune system,and also supplies several vitamins to our body that we need daily!Yeah!!I got an ear infection,but at the same time!!I also have an auto-immune disease,and this was the first infection Ive had in over 10 years!So!!!something good must come from this seltzer!Give it a shot!!what else ya gotta lose?? And,keep doing everything youve been doing!!youve done a wonderful job caring for yourself so far!!!keep it up,and try the E-mergency seltzer!!it has many vitamins,herbs that help boost your immune system!You have something to gain from trying it!Take care and hope you feel better soon!

  9. Noel Reply:

    What can you eat to help get rid of a cold? Answer It! In: Cold and Flu, Nutrition, Alternative Treatments for Conditions or Diseases categories]. Save or

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