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What does it mean if i get a headache every day?

Having headaches daily can be a Tension headache due to alcohol use, caffeine, colds/flu, eye strain, smoking, fatigue or sinus’s! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Michelina Reply:

    This does not mean you are doomed to deal with headaches throughout your The same factors that give many of us headaches in our everyday lives are If you get angry or upset during the day, do not punish yourself for it, just take the Source:

  2. Elinor Reply:

    What does it mean when you have a headache everyday? I am 15 years old. I work out every day almost. I eat healthy. No fast foods no cokes products no junk

  3. Dalia Reply:

    You may have high blood pressure. Get that checked out. You might need glasses. Have your eyes tested to make sure. You might not be drinking enough water each day. You may well have allergies or intolerance to foods/drinks or non-foods tha… Source:

  4. Kena Reply:

    To prevent headaches, don’t consume things with caffeine. Caffeine promotes headaches. Source:

  5. Rea Reply:

    There are many causes of morning headaches. Some are sleep apnea, grinding teeth, restless legs syndrome, dehydration, lack of caffeine, or bad sleep positions. Source:

  6. Lavada Reply:

    Fever of 102 for 5 days. Day 1, severe headache, Day 2-4 lethargy, Day 5 alert but dizzy. What is wrong? Has anyone experienced a Fever/Headache/Rash before with no accompanyi

  7. Bernarda Reply:

    borrow a camcoeder!!!!put it on while you sleep(for a week)00 review it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you might be fighting in your sleep!!!!!!!!!having a seizure!!!!!!!lots of stuff!!!!!!!!the cam will eliminate many possible problems

  8. Lakita Reply:

    I get headaches everyday. If not a headache I will get migraines. I get them when I wake up at the end of the day or anytime. Is there something wrong that i need

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