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What does it mean when you are tired and feel nauseous?

Nausea and being tired are both common symptoms of pregnancy, or the stomach flu! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Fern Reply:

    Why Does Being Sick Make You So Tired?. Being Being sick usually means that you don't feel like eating, or can only eat small amounts at a time. If you're not Source:

  2. Carlita Reply:

    Many women feel very tired during pregnancy, especially the first few months. Things that used to smell or taste good to you may make you feel nauseous. .. I’ m supposed to start my period on the 25th, if I do start does this mean I’m not

  3. Willia Reply:

    There could be a number of reasons that cause nausea after you eat. It could be from over-eating, ulcers, IBS, food allergies, viruses, bacteria, parasites or even pregnancy. If your symptoms are persistent, worsen or are accompanied by fev… Source:

  4. September Reply:

    There are many reason why you feel nauseous. The most common is you have the stomach virus. Another reason could be your pregnant. If you are nauseous for more than 3 days you should consult a physician. Source:

  5. Pam Reply:

    Nausea is caused by many things. You could have a stomach bug or the flu. You might be pregnant. Talk to your doctor to find out what is making you nauseous. Source:

  6. Lurlene Reply:

    My symptoms started one year ago and teeth. Now a year later I, with everything I mentioned above about 3 months but the. Then things got better after pain staid in my jaws f

  7. Shavonda Reply:

    Your crush is your best friend! Why cant you talk to him about this problem??I hate buffets and eating standing up! I would never order food on dates that I couldnt comfortably eat (its hard to look ladylike chawing down on a giant hamburger or slurping spaghetti over your shirt)! Your nausea is due to your anxiety!Talk to your best friend about this, and then go out and get the sloppiest, gooiest food with him that you can imagine where it runs down your chin and all over your hands! The two of you will laugh about it and everything gets easier from there!

  8. Hedwig Reply:

    What could it mean if you are feeling sick and tired at 35 weeks pregnant and the How long does it take to show if a dog is pregnant e.g. distended belly?

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