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What does it mean when you feel hungry but when you try to eat you feel like throwing up?

It could mean that you have the flu, or a stomach bug! Try to eat small portions of things like crackers and bread! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. mbulelo Reply:

    you must eat fruits and drink water then when you feel lyk you will throw up just sleep and take a deep breath until u feel better

  2. Charlesetta Reply:

    After the sometimes violent symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach and Unfortunately, you may not feel like ever eating again, let alone at the first hunger yet feel like having anything, you should try to take in liquids as best you can. you are in the clear when you have that first feeling of actually being hungry. Source:

  3. Dorothy Reply:

    I know it’s dizziness, overall feeling like throwing up etc. but you don’t know the emotional crap I go through when I feel nauseous, because

  4. Ginny Reply:

    1 Sometimes happens that you can’t eat first thing in the morning . Drink a glass of water . It doesn’t have to be a big one or even full if you don’t want to, but drink some water. 2 A few minutes later try a cup of tea . Again, drink only… Source:'re-Hungry-but-Don't-Feel-Like-Eating

  5. Merrilee Reply:

    … You might not be eating right. Try increasing your Fiber intake (apples, salad, etc). These are typically just "filler" food as they have no calories and only take up space. They even attract extra proteins and fats and assist in pullin… Source:

  6. Mignon Reply:

    Like your car, your body requires fuel (food) to keep its engine running. Hunger is the fuel gauge that lets you know when your tank is running on empty. If your hunger is food-related, learning the mechanism that triggers it enables you to… Source:

  7. Vicki Reply:

    I feel like throwing up after only able to eat soft I eat and but my I am hungry, am I getting sick? I just got my wisdom stomach hurts so much when teeth last week and was fo

  8. Elinor Reply:

    you may have strep throat ask your parents to shine a light in your throat and see if theres small white bumps at the back of your throat

  9. Autumn Reply:

    Like I haven't eaten in days, but if I eat again I get really nauseated so I usually If you are hungry, you should eat and if you have a craving, it is probably Try to eat smart and healthy foods. 30 min later I feel like i will throw up if i don't eat like i havent eaten in days! What does your belly feel like at 5 weeks pregnant?

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