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What does it mean when you get weak and start shaking uncontrollably?

You might be coming down with the flu, or it might be something else! See a medical professional to be sure! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lucretia Reply:

    Petting your dog and seeing that hind leg start to shake is bound to get a giggle or two out of yourself or other family members. But why does a dog do that crazy leg thing when you pet him? If your dog's leg shakes uncontrollably or excessively when petted, touched or What Does it Mean When a Dog Starts Shaking? Source:

  2. Carmon Reply:

    When I go outside and run really hard for awhile w… sometimes because I start to get weak and sometimes my hands can shake uncontrollably. It is uncontrollable and does not mean you are ‘nervy’ or ‘neurotic’ (although, frustratingly,

  3. Corinna Reply:

    A seizure can often be the cause of uncontrollable shaking. Seizure: (n.) A sudden attack, spasm, or convulsion, as in epilepsy or another disorder. Source:

  4. Bree Reply:

    seizure? essential tremor? Source:

  5. Shaunda Reply:

    After eating the body then tries to digest it, which takes energy. If you start exercising too soon the body cannot do those 2 jobs at the same time. That’s why it’s recommended to wait awhile before exercising. Our mom told us that. Source:

  6. Adena Reply:

    I start shaking uncontrollably at threat for years and I spar of conflict- why? I’ve been taking martial arts classes frequently. I know how to hit and get hit. I’m not afraid

  7. Tianna Reply:

    I would see a doctor about this! Your body is the first indicator of an imbalance, and it sounds like youre definitely having some sort of nutritional imbalance going on! The sweet thing is most likely just psychological! You are craving it! But really, instead of trying to figure it out, just go to the doctor for a full work-up and see whats going on! The shaking sounds like a low blood sugar issue, but who knows??

  8. Aurelia Reply:

    added Why does my 02 dodge dokata truck take longer than normal when Why would your car shake when you come to a stop sign and does not shake Trouble code P0326 means:Knock sensor no.1 circuit,range or performance problem (bank 1 or single sensor) I believe that you start by taking the engine cover off.

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