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What does it mean when your whole body aches?

You should see your doctor! Body aches can be a symptom of many things! Stress, Flu, Muscle Pain, Myalgia, etc! Get checked! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alyssa Reply:

    I went to the doctor and they got my blood and my test came up negative. I’m only 14 and I been dealing with pain my whole life.. My dad tolled me your a young person with a old body! Lol! Like everytime I get out of the car I lift up my legs and my legs hurt so bad everytime I lift up my body it hurt like lifting up my arms l I get excersise and I pls basketball I dont understand! Help!!!

  2. Heather Brown Reply:

    Can having accidents in my past make my body hurt when im say 25 yrs old?! :/ Im just wondering if thats possible.

  3. Magaly Reply:

    "When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts" is an old saying that is so true. Not only does the oil soften your sore feet, but the oil has a soothing fragrance. Don 't you mean these are 4 different types of foot soaks to be used at various times Source:

  4. Sherley Reply:

    Aug 23, 2006 I have pain in my entire body, i mean my entire body. I’m 20 years of . My boyfriend does this for me and he uses his nuckles. It will hurt and

  5. Lonna Reply:

    Methods of treating body aches are similar, whether they are caused by muscle strain, arthritis, illness, or a chronic disease like fibromyalgia. For short-term body aches, your body just needs time to heal or recover from an illness. For c… Source:

  6. Jaunita Reply:

    Your body might ache because you aren’t getting enough sleep.Maybe you are overweight and your body is not responding well to that. Perhaps you have been overdoing the exercise lately? If none of these apply to you, you could have some othe… Source:

  7. Dorine Reply:

    Body aches are often caused by injury or illness. If you are in a car accident your body can be jarred around. The next day you will be sore all over. The flu can cause aches because your body isn’t staying hydrated enough and the bacteria … Source:

  8. Joane Reply:

    I am only twelve and I,body aches,stomach aches , and nausea all of a have been getting bad migraines sudden? please help it is really effecting my studies ! any information w

  9. Angella Reply:

    Im pretty sure thats normal! I got my tetanus shot and the same thing happened(if Im remembering correctly)! Its just a result of the shot! If it gets worse you might want to do further research but Im sure youll be fine!

  10. Veronique Reply:

    Keep in mind that many heart attacks involve NO PAIN at all – particularly in women. This could mean a number of things, the next time it happens you need to like when something touches me it sends painful shocks through my entire body?

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