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Why am I having pains in my lower back and abdominal area?

Common causes of abdominal pain include: Indigestion, Constipation, Stomach flu, Menstrual cramps, Food poisoning, Food allergies, Gas, Lactose intolerance, Ulcers, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Hernia, Gallstones, Kidney Stones, Endometriosis! On! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Cleta Reply:

    Lower back pain and pain in your pelvis is unfortunately very common. The bladder walls my bleed slightly. Is the pain more severe when you are having your menstrual cycle? Exercise that strengthens the core muscles in your abdomen and back will keep the spine How to Do a Pelvic Lift for Lower Back Exercise Source:

  2. Lilliam Reply:

    I am having the same symptoms and get an ultrasound on my in abdomen.. sometimes get sharp pains.. very lethargic and my back kills me..

  3. Mitsue Reply:

    Get yourself to the emergency dep’t. of your local hospital, or if you have a gastroenterologist, call the office and get an emergency app’t; better be safe than sorry. Source:

  4. Maura Reply:

    Answer An infection. Get checked out. Source:

  5. Pearle Reply:

    I would suggest going to a doctor to find out. You are experiencing what would be considered severe symptoms and need to get the help of a professional. If money is an issue, and if you are in the United States for sure, you can go to the e… Source:

  6. Alice Reply:

    Abdominal pains, Stomach pains, lower back pains.? Ive been having abdominal pains now, it ususally starts above my for quite a few years belly botton and shoots to my lower b

  7. Ivelisse Reply:

    This might be as a result of gas accumulated and trapped in your system! If you are not eating balanced (ie! a diet that would maintain a pH balance of 7!63 to 7!45) then you will produce excess gas that tend to cause pain at different parts of the body including your back! A balanced diet would involved you consuming 60% vegetables of which at least 50% is eaten raw, 20% fruits, 10% complex starchy carbohydrate, and 10% protein (this would include fats)! To resolve pain as a result of gas, youd need to adjust your diet!However it might be a good idea to see your medical doctor about it! In any case you may want to try, for some relief of your back pain, rubbing the area with Voltaren Emulgel Geigy!

  8. Alta Reply:

    Why am I having Sharp abdomen pains and lower back pains There is a possibility I am pregnant but i I feel some kind of movement in my lower abdomen.

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