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Why do I feel weak and shaky?

Do you have any other symptoms?? And is this continuous or just started! These symptoms can range from flu to Hypoglycemia! On! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. doug Reply:

    i also feel weak and shaky most of the time, even if i eat a good amount of food, any ideas?

  2. Denisse Reply:

    Know that an attack of hypoglycemia makes you feel shaky, weak, extremely fatigued and can even cause you to faint. An attack makes you feel dizzy and often Source:

  3. Lesia Reply:

    How often do you eat and what do you eat? Shakiness could be a couple of things like anemia, low blood sugar or mineral deficiency. That means the energy from the food you are eating is not lasting long enough so you might have to eat more

  4. Dominga Reply:

    Sounds like you just got a bit nervous. It’s ok to be nervous or scared when talking about this or other subjects. Source:

  5. Oneida Reply:

    Before I respond more, allow me to say that you really don’t provide enough information in your question. I have been in the medical field for more years than I’d like to remember! Also, your age is important as is any meds you may be takin… Source:

  6. Tena Reply:

    It could be many different things. Have you recently stopped taking medication? It sounds like withdrawl symptoms. Even coming off of caffeine can do this to you. It could also be a low red blood cell count. It could also be diabeties. It c… Source:

  7. Nidia Reply:

    Why do i always feel weak im always hungry and wh and shaky am i not but i don’t think its anxiety because when eating enough? I do have anxiety disorder i feel weak and shaky

  8. Gudrun Reply:

    maybe you are dehydrated or you are not eating! eat something light, like power bar or something light before you work out

  9. Lekisha Reply:

    Yes, it is normal to feel slightly weak and run down for a week or sometimes two following a bad case of the flu. Be sure that you continue to get plenty of rest,

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