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Why do I have chills and body aches?

It sounds like you may have the flu, some symptoms are: Body chills, Fever (higher than 100 degrees F), Muscle aches, & Headache! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lillie Reply:

    Headaches, body aches, chills, fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting, nauseathese are all symptoms of the stomach flu. If you have body aches and are still sick with Source:

  2. Shalonda Reply:

    Symptoms of the flu can include fever, muscle aches, chills and extreme If you have an allergic reaction or a severe rash with TAMIFLU, stop taking it, and

  3. Mica Reply:

    Body aches are often caused by injury or illness. If you are in a car accident your body can be jarred around. The next day you will be sore all over. The flu can cause aches because your body isn’t staying hydrated enough and the bacteria … Source:

  4. Shenika Reply:

    An infection that causes fever will cause a person to have chills. Being exposed to cold environments will make you have chills also. The body’s muscle rapidly contract and relax when it feels something cold causing the chills. Look here fo… Source:

  5. Mari Reply:

    Chills and body aches could be symptoms of a fever or a cold. Source:'s-of

  6. Taisha Reply:

    Sometimes my body aches then I feel so cold, then sometimes I would get take motrin I would feel chills.? When I this happens I better in a hour or 2 hours. I would also drink

  7. Julie Reply:

    The body aches are normal and the heaviness does change depending on stress but the fever and chills are not normal! you should check out a doctor for that!

  8. Yung Reply:

    What can you do when you have fever and have the chills? take acetametaphine (tylenol) to break fevers. What disease is fever cough body aches and chest

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