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how many calories do you lose chewing gum

You may have similar questions as How Many Calories Do You Burn Chewing Gum and Is Chewing Gum Bad for You,or you may also seek several useful information about Should Chewing Gum Be Allowed in Schools. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Many Calories Does It Take to Chew Gum,too. Read more as following:

You can lose, as much as, 10 calories chewing gum. If the gum is not sugarless you will not lose any calories. You could actually gain calories by chewing gum that has sugar in.

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How many calories do you burn chewing gum?

You will burn 11 calories an hour chewing gum. ChaCha!… More »

Is chewing gum bad for you?

Chewing sugar-free chewing gum or gum with xylitol, is good for you. Chewing gum helps increase saliva. Saliva neutralizes acid, thus helping protect your teeth from damage. However, eating or chewing anything that contains sugar increases the acid i… More »

should chewing gum be allowed in school?

The answer for this question can be tipped either way. Yes— Because it couldn’t harm anybody (unless you put it in somebody’s hair, but I think we all grew out of that) and if you don’t chew it like a cow than it shouldn’t distract others, but scho… More »

How to use chewing gum to lose weight?

Video Transcript. My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about how to lose weight with chewing gum. Now how this all came about where there were actually a few cases… More »

What causes chewing gum to lose its flavor?

Chewing gum contains sugar or a sugar substitute and artificial or natural flavors. The amount of flavoring contained in a stick of chewing gum is actually quite small. When you put chewing gum in your mouth, saliva production increases, softening th… More »

Which gums flavor last the longest?

the longest flavor is watermelon because the water melon has more suger which has more flavor so it watermelon…. More »

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  1. Michael F says:

    So say you chew a piece of like 5 calorie gum… like uh stride pink or w/e. Do you actually like lose calories just by chewing gum??? I heard about this but I don’t think its true… so would you like chew and chew for like 10minutes and lose 5 calories or what?

  2. Mirandaallison77 says:

    Chewing a piece of celery uses 5 calories. I wonder how much calories we’d lose chewing gum.

  3. Melydelyrox says:

    I’m on a diet, and I decided that whenever I feel like tasting something sweet, I will have some sugar free chewing gum.

    But all of a sudden, I have wondered whether this is caloric or not.

  4. Cancerette says:

    If I chew gum 8 hours a day how much calories will I burn?

  5. Hunnii says:

    I’m addicted to gum and and can’t quit it. I chew almost a pack of excel a day. That’s about 30 calories which isn’t much but will the act of chewing gum still have an impact on my weight loss for other reasons other than calorie intake?

  6. Funny says:

    Just wondering if you chewed gum all day would it help you lose weight?

  7. Moshey says:

    I’m short (4’11) and I didnt have chubby cheeks or double chin before. But I started gaining weight my sophomore year. I’m a junior now. And well…I want to lose them but how?? Will chewing gum help? Please, if you guys have any suggestions please answer. :(


  8. Sally Cat says:

    If chewing gum makes your lose calories and extra’s desert delights gum is only 5 cal and sugerfree, I’m losing calories right?

  9. Karo Miyuki says:

    im 5’9.5″, 136lbs at the moment,
    i will be excersizing in the morning to boost my metabolism, and also eating protein for breakfast to boost it.ill drink 3litres of water a day, and sip on green tea, and chew gum a lot.
    dont bother telling me ill go into starvation mode or w/e.

  10. Meatplosion says:

    So basically the reason why i am overweight is because i over eat so much on sweets and stuff like that. So how could i stop eating so much sweets and junk food so that i could lose weight. Should i chew gum whenever i am going to eat so much?
    Any help will do

  11. Vanessa Medina says:

    I’m trying to lose weight for wrestling.I’m on a 1000 calorie diet, But my cravings are ridiculous! I try eating an apple,or just go for a run,but it won’t go away.and i’m tired of just drinking water or chewing gum.
    Any advice?
    Oh,i’m also running daily.

  12. The Mysterious Girl says:

    I drink about 48oz. of diet coke a day, and I also chew gum constantly. I always feel bloated.

    I really want to lose a few pounds and look less puffy in the next ten days.

  13. Dj.skitlz says:

    Okaii so i want to lose some weight and i was reading another question about weight loss and a girl said she chewed gum to satisfy her hunger between meals. If i chewed gum without sugar ( or calories) would it satisfy my hunger , would it be healthy?

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