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How Much do Apples Weigh

You may have similar questions as How Much Water Is in an Apple and How Much Does A Bushel Of Apples Weigh,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does An Apple Weigh. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Common Weight of an Apple,too. Read more as following:

There are many varieties of apples and all of them can produce different sizes. You will generally find that a pound of apples will consist of 4 small or 3 medium to 2 large apples. So, that is anywhere from 1/4 pound to 1/2 pound per apple.

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How Much Water is in An Apple?

Apples are very nutritious and filled with vitamins for the body. An apple is seventy five percent of water and 25 percent of solid flesh. If you have every played the game bobbing for apples, all of the apples float instead of sinking. You can find… More »

How Much does a Bushel of Apples Weigh?

A bushel of apples weights about 42 pounds, and are grown in all 50 states. There are about 2500 types of apples are grown in the United States. How do you like them apples? For more information look here: … More »

What does an apple weigh?

depending on the size it can be between 9oz. to 3 or 4lb…. More »

What are apples weighed in for sale?

By the pound, the same as any other produce…. More »

Can I Freeze Sliced Apples?

You can freeze sliced apples, to do this wash, peel, and core the apples, then slice them into quarters. To stop them turning brown you can soak them in saltwater for a while before freezing. … More »

How much does an apple weigh?

The AVERAGE apple weighs about a half a pound…. More »

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  1. Blue Chaos So Nlq says:

    I’m doing some food tech coursework and need to know how much an apple weighs. Please help, if you can, I’m so stuck!! Thanks

  2. Waist Deep In Horses says:

    The heat of combustion of fructose,C6H12O6 , is -2812 kJ/mol
    If a fresh golden delicious apple weighing 4.28 oz (120g ) contains 16.0 g of fructose, what caloric content does the fructose contribute to the apple?

  3. Zachary Fore says:

    The 10 lightest apples weigh 40% of the total weight.
    The 5 heaviest apples weigh 25% of the total weight.

  4. Blaze says:

    A question for my daughter from her teacher (she’s 7) and based on an apple weighing approximately 10 ounces and a Hippo eats about 150 pounds of grass a day, how many apples can he eat?

  5. Travis says:

    a fruit company makes 13.25 lb gift boxes of apples and oranges. each box will be sold for $21. Each apple weighs 0.5lb and costs $.75, while each orange weighs .75 lb and costs $1.25. How many apples and oranges go in each box?

  6. Mustafa says:

    Of the 243 apples weighing same weight, one gold coin is inserted into one apple. Now, Find the apple which has gold coin using weight balance only 5 times.

  7. Jim says:

    with what force an apple weighing 1N attracts the earth?

  8. Chelsae says:

    Two pineapples weigh the same as 32 eggs.

  9. Departings says:

    a height of 3.0m?
    b) The apple falls because of the gravitational interaction between the apple and the Earth. How much does this interaction change the Earth’s momentum? How much does it change the Earth’s velocity?

  10. Roxi says:

    The apple is held at rest in your hand.
    The apple is falling to the ground.
    The apple is moving upward, just after you threw it upward.

  11. Alisha says:

    I have two scales one I have 4 small apples and one big apple weighing 265g, and the other to have one small and one big weighing 115g. What does one small apple weigh? Please show working out.

  12. Kk says:

    If a bushel of apples weighs from 48 to 54 pounds and a bushel of melons weighs from 80 to 90 pounds , what is the smallest ratio between the weight of a bushel of apples and a bushel of melons?

  13. Kris says:

    I have 3 apples. The red one and the yellow one weigh in toghether 430 grams, the red one and the green one weigh in together 370 grams and the yellow one and the green one weigh in together 360 grams. How much does each apple weigh in? Thanks again!

  14. Annie says:

    thank you

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