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What is the White Part of An Egg Called

You may have similar questions as What Are the Different Parts of an Egg and What Part of an Egg Is the Chick,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is the White Thing in an Egg. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Parts of a Chicken Egg,too. Read more as following:

The white part of an egg is known as the egg white or the albumen. The egg white makes up 58% of the weight of the egg. It consists of 88% water, 9% protein and other minerals.

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At what temperatures do the different parts of the egg coagulate?

Egg whites start to thicken at 145°F/63°C and coagulate at 150°F/ 65°C. Egg yolks coagulate at 158°F/70°C. Eggs kept whole set at 165°F/73°C. Information from: … More »

What part of the egg is the chick?

The chick grows from both the yellow yolk and albumen (white). The yolk of the egg is the growing medium that feeds the developing chick. The white/clear albumen is also used to hydrate and feed the growing chick…. More »

What is that white thing in the egg?

This is called chalazae. Chalazae are stands of egg white that anchor the yolk in place in the center of the thick white. They are neither imperfections nor beginning embryos. The more prominent the chalazae, the FRESHER the egg. Chalazae do not… More »

What is the white of an egg called?

albumen or the glair/glaire… More »

How Long does It Take to Boil and Egg?

It can take a good ten minutes to boil and egg. Place an egg in boiling water and let boil for ten minutes. Remove pan and run cold water over the egg and peel…. More »

How Much Salt does It Take to Float An Egg?

Adding salt to water causes the water to become denser, therefore causing things to float. To make an egg float you need to add about 9 teaspoons of salt…. More »

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  1. Janelle Bows says:

    I know the yellow part is the Yolk; but what is the white part called? I’ve asked all of my family and none of them know!

  2. Nancy says:

    We are constantly have a debate in our house about which is the best way to eat an egg. I hate it when the white part isn’t cooked and the yolk is too hard. How about you? And how long do you cook YOUR egg to get it just the way that YOU want it?

  3. Annoth says:

    HInt: It’s not “egg white”.

  4. Amanda B says:

    My 5 yr old don’t like the smell of egg(boiled or any form) I want her to eat the egg, but not sure how. I tried to mixing the boiled egg in the rice, but she still figure out the smell and small egg white parts. Even she don’t eat pancakes with eggs,
    Please suggest what to do?

  5. Hamsterlover3000 says:

    All the recipes I’ve found so far to make the icing to connect my gingerbread house parts include raw egg whites. I would prefer not to use raw eggs if at all possible. Is there an icing recipe for this purpose that doesn’t require raw eggs? Thanks in advance.

  6. Wranglesham says:

    As some recipes only call for the egg whites/yolk, it’ll be a waste to just throw the rest, so how can it be stored for future use and for how long?

    Alternatively, any other simple recipes where it can be used without having to crack more eggs?

  7. Fanta says:

    A macaron recipe calls for strained egg whites, does that mean, the part that is left in the strainer or the part that fell into the bowl?
    I know to use the egg whites and not the yolks, I want to know which part of the eggs whites to use!!!!

  8. Lindsey says:

    I am wondering what the egg white becomes as the chick is being formed? I thought the yolk was the food the growing chick survived on in the shell, but what about the egg white?

  9. Ivette Casa says:

    Eggs and Bread? Why is it french? It’s not even toasted its fried!

  10. Heather Raspern says:

    In a recipe, it calls for 15 egg whites or two cups. How do I separate the white part from the yellow part?

  11. Tobi says:

    How long do raw hen’s eggs last for in a refrigerator from the day they were brought home?

  12. Tuesday P says:

    1. What is meant by “white egg discharge”?
    2. Is white egg discharge a result of an ovulation?
    3. Do pregnant women get white egg discharge?
    4. What kind of discharge do 10 to 12 weeks pregnant women get?

  13. Angie Brown says:

    and why doesn’t an egg which is scrambled or over easy smell bad? Someone told me that the color yellow may have something to do with it.

    This theory: IDIOCY or SHEER GENIUS

  14. Kodabear And Lexiedoo says:

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant and i want to know that is it save to eat 2 full fry eggs daily in breakfast or not? Are two eggs too much? If 2 eggs are too much so can i eat one boil or fry egg in my breakfast?

  15. Samuel Johnstone says:

    I usually have 2 scrambled eggs, orange juice, and a yogurt for breakfast. Would you call that a healthy choice? Also what do you usually have for breakfast?

  16. Alittlehigher says:


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