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Why do I Crave Milk

You may have such questions as Why Do I Crave Protein and Why Do I Crave Certain Foods,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Do People Crave Milk. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Crave Cupcakes Calgary,too. Read more as following:

You may crave milk simply because you like it. You could crave milk because you might be pregnant or it simply sounds good at the moment. Milk is good for you and good for your bones.

Why do i crave protein?

Technically speaking, the peptide YY (PYY) hormone is responsible. PYY is the hormone in your digestive tract that tells your brain if you have proteins "on the way" to the liver and pancreas and to signal the feeling of being "full" or satisfied. In... More »

Why do I Crave Certain Foods?

You crave certain foods because they are appetizing to you especially when on diets. For example, if you normally eat chocolate, and you are on a diet, you might crave it because you are not supposed to have it.... More »

Why do people crave milk?

because of jedward.... More »

Why do I Crave Milk?

A craving for certain foods can sometimes indicate a deficiency in something that foods offers. Milk is a great source of fat, protein, vitamin D, and calcium. So it may help if you take a look at your diet for the last week or so and see if any of t... More »

Why are you craving milk?

a milk craving could mean several things including, calcium deficiency, pregnancy, or even onset of type 2 diabetes. if the craving persists see your MD, it cant help to have it checked!... More »

Why do I Crave Salt?

If you crave salt, your body is probably trying to tell you something. It may be adrenal exhaustion. Sometimes when people live busy lives, and if this is you, see a dr. You can also be low on salt, and get it best from sea salt, not table salts. Loo... More »


  1. Hwasook Reply:

    Seems lately I crave milk after working out. I don’t know why but when I come home instead of grabbing water (which i drink plenty of while working out) I reach for the milk and drink about two glasses!

    How about you?

  2. Kayla Reply:

    Im 22 weeks pregnant and for the past two days i’ve been craving milk i drank 3 cups in a sittting and believe me I would never or have ever loved milk like this in my life. Just now I ate literally a half pack of cheese. Is my calcium really low or something? Should I be concerned?

  3. Brooke Reply:

    for some reason i crave milk.. i am not prego. i have been doing this sense i was a kid. I will get thirsty and i can drink water juice or soda but i won’t stop being thirsty until i drink milk. what is wrong with me?

  4. Shemal Reply:

    I am 18 weeks pregnant and craving milk like mad. I thought this was a great craving to have because of all the calcium i’m giving my baby. But yesterday someone told me too much milk can soften bones!!!! Sounds like cr*p to me, but has anyone else ever heard this?

  5. Merci Beau Coup Reply:

    He is growing SO FAST! I crave milk and am drinking at least a quart a day. Is growth hormone somehow getting into my breast milk and making him grow faster. This is my first so maybe it is normal for them to grow this fast I wouldn’t know.

  6. Planetary Reply:

    Is there a chemical in chocolate that makes us crave milk maybe?

  7. White Rose Reply:

    My wife has been craving milk lately. I have seen that it is most likely a calcium deficiency, but I was just curious.

  8. Orville Reply:

    I notice that if I’ve very thirsty, I don’t crave water, soda or juice. I always crave chocolate milk. It’s weird. I was wondering if there could be a underlying thing or if its just nothing?

  9. Katie Girl Reply:

    normally i crave shyt like sugary foods n junk food; but recently ive only wanted to eat milk, dill pickles and salt n vinegar chips. im fourteen n i doubt im pregnant. i heard that craving milk is a sign of something bad. do you think this sounds weird ?? thanks everyone.

  10. Seth Reply:

    What is it about chocolate that makes you crave milk? Is there some kind of chemical in chocolate that makes you need some other chemical in milk?

  11. Kylaaaa Reply:

    I crave diet sodas and I crave milk. Would it be a good idea just to cut out sodas completely and drink more milk for my sweet craving? I guess I’m mostly worried about more calories.

  12. Jeffrey V Reply:

    Once every couple of weeks i crave milk and bananas. Like its all i can eat. I was wondering if this means something, or if im lacking something in my diet,,,,

  13. Dakota Reply: my previous question i’ve been craving milk for the past few days. this morning i out on my pants to go to school and i noticed it has gotten looser. Monday it was an exact fit like always but this morning it was loose. does drinking milk help lose weight?

  14. Avalon Reply:

    EVERY TIME I eat something sweet (cakes, cupcakes, pie, etc..) I ALWAYS crave milk! Nothing else. I’m assuming it’s the same with most other people. But why is this? What is it about milk that we need it to accompany our desserts?

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