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Can You Grow Opium from Poppy Seeds

You may have similar questions as Do Poppy Seeds Contain Opium and Can I Make Heroin Myself,or you may also seek several useful information about What Kind of Poppies Contain Opium. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Growing Opium Poppies Indoors,too. Read more as following:

Opium cannot be grown, but it can be extracted from the seeds of certain species of poppies called opium poppies. Unlicensed opium production in the United States is against the law.

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Do poppy seeds contain opium?

Yes, ingestion of poppy seed bagels or poppyseed cake can indeed cause a false positive …… More »

Can I Make Heroin Myself?

The answer is no you can’t. One it is highly illegal in the United States. Unless you want to spend a long time locked up you should not even attempt making heroin. Two heroin comes from a opium poppy. Opium poppies don’t grow well in the United Stat… More »

What Kind of Poppies Contain Opium?

Opium is dried latex extracted from the opium poppy plant, also known as the papaver somniferum. Other species, Papaver rhoeas and Papaver argemone, are weeds that grow on a smaller scale…. More »

Do Poppy Seeds Show Up in Drug Tests?

Poppy seeds can show up in a drug test however you will have to consume quite a bit of them. Eating a normal amount of poppy seed will not cause a drug test to result in a negative result…. More »

How opium is made into heroin?

Opium starts off as a poppy, which loses its petals and leaves behind a seed pod. This seed pod is then slit to expose a sap which is a darkish brown gum. It is collected and wrapped in leaves to transport it. It is then boiled in boiling water with… More »

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  1. Patrick says:

    Poppy seeds are found in muffins and other things. Just wondering if you can plant those and get opium.

  2. Karina says:

    I bought some poppy seeds in a little spice container, and I was wondering If they have the ability to actually grow into plants, or if they were like roasted or anything and cannot grow.

  3. Dustin says:

    I have some poppy seeds, what are the legal issues with growing a couple of opium plants in a pot?

    I’m not talking like a massive farm… just a couple of bulbs…

    Should I plant them, or not?

  4. Kelli says:

    will poppy seeds found at your average grocery store grow when planted? is there any special measure that needs to be taken prior to planting, such as soaking the seeds, for example?

  5. Supernova2013 says:

    I bought a huge bag of poppy seeds on ebay and dumped them in my back garden. Now there are masses of what look like proper opium poppies growing everywhere. I just wondered if anyone could tell me how I can extract the opium from them as I have trouble sleeping at night.

  6. Taylor Labrecque says:

    I want to know if the opium poppy grows wild in anchroage Alaska?

  7. Keisha says:

    but you just cant grow them?

    what is the Catch 22?

  8. Sriman says:

    I know that seems like kind of an odd question, but in some states it is illegal to buy and plant poppy seeds. I was just wondering if there was a list online of the plants/weeds that are illegal to grow in the state of New York. I tried looking the information up myself, but I’m at a loss.

  9. Jeffrey V says:

    I went to local walmart yesterday and saw poppy seeds and california poppy seeds in the gardening section. It’s illegal to grow poppies in S.Korea, where I’m originally from. Is it ok to grow them in Georgia? I wanna grow them in my front garden…

  10. Yadissac Tloh says:

    I know the opium poppy is papaver somniferum and that they are illegal. However, I was wondering if the setigerum species was illegal to order off line as well. Can someone who KNOWS what they are talking about please give me an answer. Thanks, 10 points.

  11. J.r. says:

    I believe you can but im not 100% sure. Any residents of indiana, or recent residents that know?

  12. Amanda Huang says:

    I mean like Salvia, but something that is easier to get. I have heard that poppy seeds can, and I know how to make the extract, but I’m pretty sure thats really illegal in Ontario. Stuff I can get at the grocery store, or easily find seeds and grow.

  13. Os says:

    I went to home depot and got some poppy seeds. I know opium comes from poppies but if its just home depot will I still get opium or do I need a certin kind of poppy?

  14. Ismael Ruiz says:

    and how much of it do you have to smoke to get a good high??
    i asked for the facts not your fucking oinion
    well like….how much do i have to smoke to get a good high?

  15. Axesmellsgr8 says:

    are these seeds sold in the us that grow the poppy plant that makes opium? is it illegal to grow these plants?

  16. Mica says:

    i know from the amapola flower, but every country prohibits the grow of these flowers, where are the poppy seeds in my muffin coming from??

  17. Ac125 says:

    thank you

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