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How do I Grow Tulips

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Purchase some tulip bulbs and then plant them in the fall. Space them six inches apart, burying them twice the diameter of the bulb deep.

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How to grow tulips?

1. Plan your tulip garden in the fall. Late October or early November is the best time to plant tulip bulbs. Stagger tulip bulbs that are early bloomers with mid-season and late bloomers to prolong the blooms in your tulip garden. 2. Replace bulbs th… More »

Where do Tulips Grow?

Tulips are native to central Asia but are also associated with the Dutch. You can also grow them in your back yard or maybe even you local park…. More »

How to grow tulips inside?

1. Fill pot with 3 parts garden loam, 2 parts peat moss and 1 part sand. 2. Place no more than six tulip bulbs close together in the planting medium. Plant so that the pointed part of the bulb just peeks from the top of the medium. 3. Water the bulbs… More »

How to grow parrot tulips?

1. Parrot tulips’ dramatic blossoms and relatively weak stems make them vulnerable to wind. Choose your site. Most tulips can tolerate partial shade, but parrot tulips are very vulnerable to cold. Because they are also vulnerable to wind, choose a sh… More »

How long to grow a tulip?

Tulips start as large, onion-shaped bulbs that, planted in the fall, send up large, colorful blooms on tall stalks rising from sword-shaped, thick leaves in the spring. They come in many colors and a variety of flower types. Harbingers of the new gro… More »

How to grow tulips in a vase?

1. Start tulips in the fall giving them cold winter germination periods. Temperatures less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit wake the bulbs up, encouraging germination and rooting for spring growth and blooming. Use wide-necked vases at least 6 inches tall… More »

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  1. Lily says:

    I would like to grow tulips from that bulb thing, but I dont know what time month or time is ready to plant it. I also would like to know where I can get the tulip bulb and what is the best soil to plant it in. If there is any other thing I might need to know, please tell me.(thank you)

  2. Horseygirl68 says:

    I live in Southern California, where it’s hot and dry. The weather is too severe for tulips, daffodils or any of the other lovely spring bulb flowers to grow outside. But can I grow tulips indoors?

  3. Tom Dunbar says:

    Can one buy fully grown tulips that can be transplanted? Lost all our bulbs this past year due to squirrels digging them up.

  4. Caitlin says:

    If anyone has ever tried to grow tulips in New Orleans can you please just tell me how difficult it was? I would like to plant a large variety of tulips to bloom in late March so any advice, tips or tried-and-true methods are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  5. Loving~mu~amor says:

    I bought full grown tulips and am wondering if it is possible to transplant them into my garden? We are having temperatures similar to what we have in the summer, and it’s only April 2. Will this affect their growth? I realize tulips are planted in the fall….

    Thanks! :)

  6. Irish'beuor; says:

    I have pre-grown tulips from wal-mart (how reliable) and I would like to know if temperatures in the sun going up to the high 90s would kill them during daylight? 2 of 5 of them have grown and bloomed, just waiting for other 3. Would heat kill tulips, especially at that temperature?

  7. Cupcake Muffin says:

    I want to grow tulips and lily’s in my yard, but I have sandy dirt first 12in then hard solid dirt. Is there any other soil I can use to plant flowers? I live in New Mexico if that helps any.

  8. Syska says:

    I want to grow tulips and lily’s in my yard, but I have sandy dirt first 12in then hard solid dirt. Is there any other soil I can use to plant flowers? I live in New Mexico if that helps any.

  9. Gokusanyy says:

    I’m growing tulips from seed (I know its a long process) and I just want to know how long it will take for the stigma to produce a mature seed once it is pollinated.

  10. Peanut says:

    just look at windmills and grow tulips? What else? What Dutch culture things are done?
    Motorcycle racing?
    Playing guitar or somethin
    Going to coffeeshop

    Are these the Dutch weekend activities?

  11. Ewan says:

    I am growing some tulips. How do i take care of them?

  12. Sata says:

    HRH Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld. What shall she do now? Grow tulips?


  13. Mirandaallison77 says:

    I need to know how much water I need to grow tulip and poppy seeds. Thank you!!!

  14. Quagmire says:


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