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How Fast do Trees Grow

You may have similar questions as How Much Do Trees Grow Each Year and How Fast Do Pine Trees Grow,or you may also seek several useful information about How Fast Do Trees Grow. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to List of Fast Growing Shade Trees,too. Read more as following:

There are thousands of varieties of trees. Some trees grow pretty fast and can get to a good size in five years or so. An example is fruit trees. Others will grow very slowly, only a few inches a year.

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How much do trees grow each year?

Slow: 12" or less per year Medium: 13 to 24" of growth per year Fast: 25" or more pe…… More »

How Fast Do Pine Trees Grow?

You can plant pine trees as a windbreak or just a decorative part of the landscape. Pine trees grow to heights of anywhere from 4 to more than 100 feet in height depending on the species, and the growth rate varies likewise…. More »

How Fast do Trees Grow?

How fast a tree will go for you mainly depends on what type of tree you have selected for your landscape. If you chose a dog wood then you can expect that in a few years you will have a fully grown specimen. If however, you chose an oak then you will… More »

What are fast growing trees?

There are different levels of classification of quick-growing trees. The lowest level of growth that is still considered quick-growing is about 1 to 3 feet per year. The next level is between 4 and 8 feet annually. The fastest-growing trees usually s… More »

How Fast do Oak Trees Grow?

well, there are many kinds of oak trees. Most types of oak trees grow at a medium rate. The red oak grows at a rate of about 2 feet per year which is comparatively fast. Growth rate is affected by soil conditions and water as well as sunlight. To get… More »

How Fast do Palm Trees Grow?

Some species of palm tress are faster growers then others. The King Palm is a fast growers, and can reach 25 feet in 10 years. Majesty is another one, reaching 10′ in 10 years. … More »

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  1. Hailey George says:

    I am planning on planting one of these trees in my front yard. I am just curious as to how fast these trees grow and how long the blooms last each spring.

  2. Shockt says:

    I have 4 red sun set maples in my front yard and i would like to train them to grow tall. It would be great to have a tree site where it shows how fast trees grow and how stable they are.

  3. Electric_wolf says:

    How much faster can a grafted tree grow compared to their ungrafted counterparts? I read that a grafted apple tree can bare fruit in about four years where it takes ten years for a non grafted tree to bare fruit. Also, can a grafted sugar maple produce seed soon then a non grafted sugar maple?

  4. Mayda B says:

    and can u do anything to help the tree grow faster

  5. Slumberhippiey says:

    Do Dynamite Myrtle Trees grow fast or slow? I planted one yesterday and I’m excited to know how long it will take to discover its beautiful blossoms. It’s about 4 feet tall for now. Also, should I water it every day ?

  6. Leec says:

    For homework I have been asked to find out how fast a tree grows. We are supposed to look on the internet but I cant find the answer!! please help. If you don’t want to give it away too easily please just give me a website name that has it on there. thankyou = D

  7. Mich says:

    I planted a row of 8 trees down my driveway 10 yrs ago, the 2 at the top of the drive are growing slower than the rest. What can I do to encourage these to grow faster? Trees were potted from the store, no burlap to remove.

  8. Edmund says:

    I need suggestions for a fast growing tree to put in my backyard for shade. It will get full sun. I’d like something that grows relatively fast. I live an hour west of Atlanta. And please don’t say pine because I hate them. Thanks!! :)

  9. Sloan says:

    Please tell me the common & scientific names of fastest growing trees in India, which conserve the water. I’d like to know the names of such trees which are available easily.

  10. Taylor says:

    Or both, that make trees grow any slower or faster?

    Also, does your answer apply to plants in general or just trees?

    thanks so much.

  11. Justin Mendoza says:

    I’m in Colorado Springs, and was wondering whic fast growing trees are preffered. Paulownia, Hybris Poplars, Aspens, Canadian Hemlocks, etc. Thanks!

  12. Bala says:

    I have been looking for some fast growing trees to plant near my home. I’ve checked out quite a few, but I was wondering if anyone had any personal suggestions for the kinds of trees to get and the approximate growth they had in 6-8 months.

    I live in the “deep” South.

  13. Nike Boy 23 says:

    What are some types of fast growing trees that can be used for multiple purposes? I’m looking around for something that can grow to at least 15-20 feet in about 2 years and are good for firewood, bbq, etc. Any thoughts?

  14. Peter Daley says:

    We have almost 10 Hecter Land uncultivated. We want to plant the land with fastest growing trees. We mostly want to make them profitable. We are planning to plant the paper producing tree which can produce the most effective and high quality paper. Anyone can recommend the kinds of trees for us

  15. Nike Boy 23 says:


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