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How Many Leaves on a Tree

You may have similar questions as How Many Leaves on a Maple Tree and How Many Leaves on a Mature Oak Tree,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Identify Trees By Their Leaves. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Tree Identification Pictures,too. Read more as following:

There are many leaves on a tree. Every tree has its own amount of leaves. Each tree has different color and different style of leaves. No tree is exactly the same.

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How many leaves does a maple tree have

Lot. The leaves vary in size by species some reaching only an inch,… …MORE…… More »

How many leaves on a typical mature oak tree?

Can you define a "typical" mature oak? The one I look at out my window has an average of 14 leaves per square foot of surface area (canopy). In this case, the canopy measures about 1,400 square feet. That would be about 19,600 leaves at the surface o… More »

How to Identify Trees By Their Leaves?

Identifying trees by their leaves requires you to study up on the different types of trees and their leaves. Some trees, such as oak ,may be quite easy for you to identify, if you are familiar with them…. More »

Why do Trees Lose Their Leaves?

Trees lose their leaves because of the changing of seasons. When the temperture drops and it becomes fall, the tree starts to go dormant. During the winter time, the tree is dormant or basically asleep. When spring time comes, it regrows its leaves…. More »

How many leaves would a typical tree have?

There is no one single answer to this – every type of tree is different.  The easiest way to find out would be to look up information about a specific type of tree and go from there.  The link below includes information about many trees and you may f… More »

Why do trees have leaves?

Leaves act like solar panels. Leaves can be likened to solar panels. In a similar manner to solar panels, the broad side of every leaf is faced toward the sun so that the optimum amount of energy can be captured and photosynthesized. Tiny cells in th… More »

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  1. Jordan Clifton says:

    I need to plant 2 big leaf trees in a very LARGE POT in my back patio to add privacy. What kind of tree do you suggest? I am looking for big leaf trees. Thank.

  2. Babyv22 says:

    and i do mean ALL OVER.
    There’s a nest near by in next door’s roof but I have a bay leaf tree in a pot and it’s about 5 ft tall – there are probably about 20 wasps in it at any one time.. all day long crawling all over it. It’s starting to look a bit peaky – as you would.

  3. Sheryl says:

    They use them for their nests and they also eat them down to the ground and into the roots, killing them completly. I have several standard Bananna Trees that they do not bother, just my broad red leaf trees.

  4. Veronica says:

    im obsessed with trees just wandering what the largest broad leaf tree in the us is, ps pardon my grammer
    i am refering to largest united states broad leaf tree cotton woods are huge. but any farther imput would be admired to what the largest is

  5. I Cant Believe says:

    I need tips on texturing leaves on trees for an oil piantin, preferably not Pine Needles, looking more at oak. Anyone else that uses oil on canvas offer some good advice. Distance of trees varries, but the ones i am looking to texture are about 15 yards away.

  6. Rambabu26 D says:

    I have a purple leaf plum tree in my yard and it is bearing fruit, i need to know if it can be eaten I have two small children and need to know if I have to be worried about it being in my yard.

  7. Michael says:

    I got a 16ft bay leaf tree in my garden and I need to cut it down. Where can I sell it?

  8. Lux Et Veritas says:

    Leaves of trees in many parts of North America change color in the fall or before a dry season. Explain why and relate your explanation to carotenoids.

  9. Raysu says:

    I think i put down too much fertilizer, everyday the tree loses a little more leaves. The tree is still growing quite fast actually but i am afraid that at the rate i am losing the leaves it won’t survive much longer please help.

  10. Missvoyage says:


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