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How Much Water does a Bean Plant Need

You may have similar questions as What Does a Bean Plant Need to Grow and What Are The Stages Of A Bean Plant In Water,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is the Best Way to Grow a Bean Plant. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Science Project for Growing Beans Plant,too. Read more as following:

A bean plant will require the soil to remain moist, but not wet. If you over water beans they have a tendency to develop fungus, which makes them more susceptible to bugs and other diseases. Water the plants once the soil is dry to the touch.

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Compounds needed to grow a bean plant?

Nitrogen compounds are an important ingredient in the growth of a bean plant. Nitrogen also has an important role in the process of photosynthesis. Bean plants absorb nitrogen from the soil through its roots. There is a special kind of bacteria found… More »

What are the stages of a bean plant in water?

Water triggers the seed’s growth. Bean seeds are dicotyledons, or dicots. When the bean becomes soaked, its outer covering softens. It may be possible to see the outline of the tiny embryo plant and the two sections called cotyledons that store food… More »

The Best Way to Grow a Bean Plant.

Bush beans are considered to require the least amount of work when growing beans. The bush bean varieties are low to the ground and bushy in growth. Many varieties of beans, however, have both bush and pole bean varieties, such as green beans and lim… More »

How to water pinto bean plants?

1. Dig up 1 quart of soil from up to 10 locations across your garden plot with a trowel. Place these samples in a bucket and mix them. Spread out the soil over a bucket and allow it to dry. Scoop 2 cups of dry soil into a plastic sandwich bag. Send t… More »

How bean plants need light & water?

Beans require adequate sun and warmth from the start; they germinate poorly without it. Plant bean seeds or seedlings after the frost lifts in spring, when nighttime temperatures reach 65 degrees F and soil temperatures reach at least 50 degrees F. B… More »

How to water your plants with soaked beans & water?

1. Pour one package of dry beans into a large pot. Add just enough warm water to the pot to cover the beans. Allow your beans to soak for a full 24 hours before proceeding to Step 2. 2. Mash the soaked, swollen beans into a thick paste using a potato… More »

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  1. Arup says:

    What is the proper amount of water to give to a bean plant?
    I dont want to know HOW to find out when to water it.
    I want to know exactly how much and when.
    if you have a tip, please only include with answer

  2. Tilly says:

    how much water should you give a kidney bean plant
    every other day?
    please help me

  3. Leah R says:

    It’s for my science fair project. I just want to know if any type of bean plant can grow roots when being watered by salt water.

  4. Sammycj111 says:

    My son brought home a lima bean plant from a school project. It’s pretty good size now and I want to know how to care for it. How often it needs watered, how much sun and so forth.

  5. Poohbear says:

    After several days, do I open the bag and water the seeds? (bean plants) or do I just let it the way it is?

  6. Prince Fraser says:

    I just bought a Lucky Bean plant, but I’m really confused on now to water it. It says place it in a sink and fill the sink halfway up to the pot, but I am confused on that. How do you water it?
    Also, I bought it in a plastic container about 5″ should i change the pot?

  7. Kitty Evans says:

    My variable is wrapping the plant in cellophane. I need to have controls like the same amount of water, same type of plant. How much water do I use?
    I would like to quickly and successfully grow a bean plant.

  8. Pirate_gurl727 says:

    This is a bio experiment project. I am using Red Kidney bean plants. What I have found is that the plants that were watered with the street run off have grown the fastest and the tallest. I need futher research (books/internet sources) that is relevant to this experiment.

  9. Cristiane says:

    If given enough water, sunlight, and fertilizer, and good soil, how long will a bean plant grow in two weeks?

  10. Rachel Willis says:

    I’ve tried, but repeatedly fungus starts growing. Is there a way I can do it without the fungus growing, or do bean plants just not grow in water?

  11. Lily Grain says:

    I planted some runner bean plants last weekend and the leaves have gone from a dark green to slightly yellowing. Can anyone tell me if my soil is lacking something. It’s certainly not lack of water or being water logged.

  12. Doglover says:


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