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How to Get African Violets to Bloom

You may have similar questions as What Helps African Violets Bloom and How To Force An African Violet To Bloom,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Keep African Violets Blooming. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Getting African Violets to Bloom,too. Read more as following:

African Violets will bloom when they are properly taken care of. They need plant food to feed them and water about every three weeks. Let the soil dry a little between waterings. Also remove dead leaves and flowers.

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What helps african violets bloom?

African violets should be potted in well-draining planting containers with plenty of holes to allow excess water to drain free. If the container that you choose has less than four drainage holes, drill additional 1/4-inch holes in the bottom of the c… More »

How to force an african violet to bloom?

1. Place the African violet near a bright, south- or west-facing window in a position where it is out of the direct rays of the sun. 2. Provide complete darkness for at least eight hours every night. If the room isn’t completely dark when you turn ou… More »

How to keep african violets blooming?

1. Put the pebbles or stones in the bottom of the pot before adding soil, to ensure good drainage. The stems and leaves of African violets rot easily if they’re constantly exposed to water. 2. Add soil – Miracle Gro potting soil if you can afford it… More »

What Month do Hydrangeas Bloom?

Hydrageas will bloom during the summer months, depending on the climate where you are and the species of the flower. They need to be pruned at the end of the summer, and can be dried to display the blossums a little longer…. More »

How to get your african violet to bloom?

1. Help your African violet to bloom by fertilizing it regularly. Garden stores sell specific fertilizers for this plant or you may choose to use a general fertilizer. Follow the directions carefully and fertilize the plant on a set schedule. 2. Give… More »

How to make daylilies bloom

A daylily will bloom on its own but watering it on a daily basis can make it bloom faster. Daylillies come a variety of different colors and sizes…. More »

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  1. Foospoo says:

    I have an African Violet that hasn’t bloomed in around 9 months. I was wondering if that is natural, or if I’m doing something wrong. It is placed next to a west facing window, the leaves are healthy, and I water about twice a week. Is there anything else I’m forgetting? Please advise!

  2. Lukas Mosashvili says:

    I have four African Violets that I have acquired over the past 2 years. All of them had blooms when I got them but only one has re-bloomed since. I fertilize them with Miracle Grow and bottom water them only. Is there anything else that I can do to encourage them to bloom?

  3. Julia says:

    I have a plant known as “Chocolate Soldier” which I think is in the African Violet family. How do I get it to bloom?

  4. Applepop64 says:

    1year ago I started African violet let cuttings the baby plants I transplanted but they still haven’t bloomed. Do theyhave to be a certain age’s how long till they’ll bloom?

  5. Sarah Elizabeth Grac3 Keating says:

    I have had my African Violet for awhile now and all it is is a mass of green leaves. What can I do to produce lovely purple flowers? Does anyone know any guaranteed, tried-and-tested plant foods that will work? Any nifty tricks? Thanks.

  6. Moon says:

    in 2002 i bought an African Violet for my desk at work. it was blooming when i bought it and it has never bloomed since. the leaves are beautiful and green, i get many compliments on it still but i never get blooms.

  7. Whatwho says:

    I have two African Violets. They are healthy and green but they are growing in a mound rather than spreading out. They also are not blooming even though I provide African Violet soil and water feed. Help!

  8. Alysa says:

    I’ve clipped a leaf off of an African Violet plant and in about month, a bunch of new leaves had come up…And are still coming up.

    I’m wondering when I can expect to see some flowers! I’m sure it’ll take a lot longer than I’d like…But, I’d still like a general idea. :)

  9. Sweetness says:

    I have a whole tub of african violet plant food and no african violets.I have plenty of other plants,Can I use the african violet food on them?Thanks.

  10. Allison says:

    I was given an african violet that was purchased from a local store. It had several flowers on it, but the flowers died almost as soon as I got it. It’s been a few months now, and the plant appears to be healthy, except that there are no flowers. Any idea what the problem might be?

  11. Zachery says:

    My indoor African violet was always a great bloomer, but the past month, I’ve not had any blooms. What can I do to get it going again?

    Should I water it with tea?

  12. Rebekah Vellekamp says:

    My friend grows african violets indoors and they bloom nearly all year. I’d like to grow them too, but what are some other flowers that would keep blooming all year?

  13. Marissa M says:

    thanks a lot

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