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How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

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The key to proper harvesting of Sunflowers, is to wait til they are dry, and the flower is totally brown on the back. The seeds should be black and white. Cut the flowers, and rub the seeds out into a container.

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How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds?

To harvest sunflower seeds the sunflowers themselves need to be harvested. Once the flowers are cut down the seeds can be shaken and plucked from the center of the flower…. More »

When is the best time to harvest sunflower seed?

When they are ready. You will know because they look like someone opened the bag of David and Sons and placed them neatly in your flower…. More »

When are sunflower seeds ready to pick?

Sunflower seeds are ready to pick duringSeptember and October. Their picking time is indicated when the yellow petals dry and fall, the back of the flower head turns brown and is dry, and seed coats become striped with black and white. Source: Univer… More »

When to harvest sunflower seeds?

Harvesting of sunflower heads usually occurs sometime between September and October. By this time, most or all of the petals should have fallen off, and the backs of the heads will have turned tan or a pale yellow. The seeds in the sunflower heads sh… More »

How to harvest and store sunflower seeds?

1. Cut the sunflower heads, with 2 feet of stalk attached, as soon as the backs of the flowers start to turn brown. 2. Hang the heads in a dry, well-ventilated spot until the seeds have completely dried. 3. Rub the dried seeds from the head and remov… More »

How to harvest sunflower seed heads?

1. Wait for the sunflower head to shrivel and the petals to fall. The back of the sunflower head will be brown when it is ready to harvest. 2. Remove the sunflower head from the stalk by cutting it off with a sharp knife. Leave 1 foot of the stem att… More »

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  1. Beth Keeling says:

    I just harvested my sunflower seeds, and intend on eating most of them, but how do I store some of them over the winter until next summer when I can plant again? Please help!

  2. Juan says:

    We have Giant sunflowers in my garden that I planted so I can harvest my own sunflower seeds. Well I don’t know when to harvest them or how. Can anyone please tell me?

  3. Curlyqsbabe says:

    i believe they are ready to pick .. but what are some of the best ways to roast , toast season sunflower seeds?

  4. S0methingcreative says:

    My mom planted like 5 or 6 sunflowers in or backyard and loves sunflower seeds. She’s wondering how to harvest them.

  5. Francis Valiente says:

    Hi! I have about a pound of mammoth Russian sunflower seeds that I harvested from my sunflowers. I let them dry out in a window for about 3 weeks. Next spring I want to plant them. How should I store them over the winter?

  6. Nike Boy 23 says:

    the seeds for snacking?

  7. Pricillia says:

    my red sunflowers are now dieing,sum of the heads are mouldy,whens best time to cut the heads off the plants and how long should i let them dry before i split them open to get at the seeds,and whens the best time to sow the new seeds.

  8. Mayjoy says:

    The price of black oil sunflower seed that we have used for bird feeding has doubled in the last year.
    Are they using it for ethanol too? What caused the price to double? The birds around my house are suffering as I am retired on S.S. and just can’t afford it anymore but would like answers.

  9. Mitzi Ortiz says:

    I grew many sunflowers this year, and they have dried up and died, but there are thousands of seeds in the flowers. How do I get these out and clean them to store for next year and to send to people and possibly sell? There are a LOT, so I would need to know how to deal with this many.

  10. Pmmiiee says:

    Wasn’t sure if all you had to do was wait for the seeds to dry out… Do you bake them at all? Are they naturally salty?

  11. Lou says:

    I grew mammoth sunflowers this year and want to harvest the seeds. I really like the David BBQ seeds and want to season them like that but don’t know how. Anyone have any recipes?

  12. Zion says:

    I have been told the sun flowers I have growing will not give me the eatable seeds is this true?

  13. Madeleine says:

    This is a first for me. I like to snack on them, but want to be able to stored the dried seeds. What do I do?

  14. Tammy Gibson says:

    I have tons of sunflowers that I grew and I’d like to dry them to use for decorating. Every website that I’ve found only gives instructions for drying and harvesting the seeds of sunflowers.

  15. Carolyn says:

    We have some really nice sunflowers and I would like to learn how to use them. I’d appreciate some help.

  16. Kxaltli says:


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