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How to Kill a Palm Tree

You may have similar questions as How To Kill A Palm Tree and How To Kill Scale On Palm Trees,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Kill Queen Palm Trees. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to travel,too. Read more as following:

If it is truly a palm tree and you don't care about the roots, then you can just cut the tree down. It will not grow back from the roots alone. However you should know that allot of nurseries will pay high dollar for large palms, and they will even remove them for you.

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How to kill a palm tree?

There are several ways to kill a palm tree, but you seem to be forgetting you still have to deal with it after it’s dead. It is just as, or more, dangerous to remove after it’s dead. Also, a dead palm tree usually doesn’t wait for the roots to rot be… More »

How to kill scale on palm trees?

1. Identify the species of scale infesting the host plant. This is vital because insecticides balanced to eradicate one species of scale may be entirely ineffective on another. Consult the tables provided by the University of California to identify t… More »

How to kill queen palm trees?

1. Make a 2-inch horizontal cut into the queen palm with a hatchet. Make the cut roughly 1/2 inch deep. Continue making cuts all the way around the queen palm and space the cuts 1 inch from each other. 2. Spray an herbicide that contains an ester for… More »

How to kill a palm tree stump?

1. Pour epsom salts on the tree stump and along the base. Cover it by securing a tarp around the stump. The salt along with the lack of light will kill the stump. Don’t spread salt to other areas of the landscape; salt will kill the other plants and… More »

How to kill a royal palm tree?

1. Contact your city government to determine if you require a permit to cut down your tree. If you cut down a tree in many areas of Florida without a permit, you can receive serious fines and be required to plant several trees to replace the one you… More »

How to kill ants in potted palm trees?

1. Mix 1 tsp. of mild detergent or soap into 1 gallon of water. 2. Wash the leaves of the palm with soapy water and a soft brush or cloth. 3. Repeat the washing with an insecticidal soap if regular detergent does not work. 4. Spray the plant with dim… More »

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  1. Sally Cat says:

    and how do I kill the palm tree buds that are growing on my lawn?

  2. Jesse Rocha says:

    we are renting a house, ans I think we may have killed the palm tree in the front, What can we do… many times do you have to water those things……have of it’s brown and dead, the other half is not????????

  3. Bighos says:

    I have a feeling my neighbor is trying to kill my palm tree cause it’s seems to be dying and I can’t see any damage to the trunk and I know he wanted me to take it down to improve his view.What can I look for that might cause it to die?

  4. Jacqueline says:

    We have 2 palm trees in our front yard and we don’t have the money nor the equipment to chop them down. They are pretty tall and I was wondering if there was a safe way to kill it without having to cut it down?

  5. 02bof says:

    I have a big palm tree at the front of my house.. and I guess with the wind and stuff.. we have now alot of small palm trees growing in my back yard. is there anything I can put in the root to kill it? I need to get rid of those asap>

  6. Comingofayge says:

    these guys started to sprout on the patio, and now the roots are stubborn, and the palm fronds are goin’ nuts!!!! i love palm trees, but this tiny little area isn’t the place for them!

  7. Zaid I says:

    How do you trim the lower branches on a palm tree? Does trimming the lower branches off make it taller and healthier? Is there a special tool that helps cut them close to the tree?

  8. Gitmogcr says:

    I just bought new pigmy date palm trees and need to know how often to water them. I live in southern arizona and they are in pots in full sun.

  9. Monique says:

    I am replanting a new palm tree, are they grap specks in the dirt something that will kill my next tree?

  10. Sydney W says:

    what nutrient is most needed for growing a palm tree?

  11. Suzan Frankfurt says:

    I was told that it was carved from a palm tree. There is a couple of tiny holes that sawdust comes out of. I would like to kill the bug eating it so I can keep my souvenir. If that is not possible would it be safe to throw it away without spreading some disease to other trees in the USA?

  12. Iloverats says:

    I don’t even know if it is possible.
    I would like to add some color at the bottom of the palm, so flowering plants would b nice.
    Are there any plants like that that wont kill my palm??

  13. Cameron says:

    I have a few potted plants including basil, thyme, rosemary, hot peppers, aloe vera and some kind of tropical palm tree like plant. I know i can spray water and phosphate free soap like Ivory on the non-edibles to kill bugs off, but wouldn’t that be bad for the herbs? What do you suggest?

  14. Johanna White says:

    I bought a mexican palm tree at lowes really cheap. The lady there said you can keep it in a pot indoors during winter. Is this true from what I have read they can get really big and tall.

  15. Hunnii says:


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