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How to Prune Fig Trees

You may have similar questions as How to Trim a Fig Tree and How To Prune A Fig Tree,or you may also seek several useful information about When to Prune Fig Trees. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Pruning Fig Trees,too. Read more as following:

Winter is the best time to prune established fig trees as the tree is in its dormant stage. Remove any diseased or dead wood, and remove branches not coming from the fruiting wood you have selected.

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How to trim fig trees?

1. Purchase a young healthy fig tree from a reputable nursery. Make sure it looks sturdy and strong. 2. Plant the tree in the location you desire. Make sure the ground is moist and allows for adequate draining. 3. Use a sharp knife or scissors to tri… More »

How to prune a fig tree?

1. Inspect your fig tree for dead or diseased branches, which need to be removed for the health of the tree. These branches may appear brown, discolored or shriveled. They may ooze sap or sport growths or cankers. You will easily be able to identify… More »

When to Prune Fig Trees

Pruning fig trees is necessary to get rid of diseased branches, promote health and stimulate flower production in the early years. After the early years, the fig tree will produce a crop with or without a great deal of pruning but may be necessary to… More »

How to prune an indoor fig tree?

1. Study the shape of your indoor fig tree. Mentally divide the tree into thirds. The top third is the canopy, the middle is the trunk, and the bottom is the lower part of the trunk and the container. Get a feel for the proportions of the canopy. If… More »

How to prune fig trees in the northwest?

1. Prune off any branches pushing against structures with pruners or loppers. Pacific Northwest gardeners may plant their fig tree next to walls or structures to increase radiant heat in order to help keep their trees warm in their cold winters. 2. C… More »

How to prune fig trees & bushes?

1. Identify dead or broken limbs, including those injured in winter frosts. Remove destroyed limbs as soon as possible after the damage, regardless of the season, to prevent the branch from falling and ripping the bark. Snip the branch with the pruni… More »

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  1. Think says:

    My 20 year old fig tree has gotten too large (15-20 ft) , and too tall. I need to cut it bak to about 8 ft tall and remove a large limb. I failed to do so this winter. Now there is new spring growth, and formed figs. Can I cut the tree back radically, and not hurt the tree for next year?

  2. Miguel B says:

    I have a very large fig tree, some branches are at least 20 feet tall, naturally I could not gather the fruit from that height and would like to know the proper way to prune this tree. The spread is approximately 15 feet so I got lots of figs from the low growing branches but none from the top.

  3. Gringico says:

    I recently transplanted 2 huge brown turkey fig trees.(It is summer) I didnt prune them. Will they make it, can they survive? And how can I help them?

  4. Juyune says:

    My step-dad has planted some fig trees and we are looking for some advice on how to take care of it. The most important thing we are looking for is what kind of fertilizers to use. We live in Northwest Florida if it makes any difference.

  5. Madi says:

    We have a fig tree that we didnt plant and we have cut it out many times and it keeps coming back every year! It comes up from under the porch(its under the concrete and i cut it under the dirt) But it still comes back. Is there a chemicle that will end this thing?

  6. Mle says:

    I live in Texas and have a large fig tree in my yard. When are you supposed to pick the fruit from the tree?
    And what’s the best method of keeping the birds away?

  7. Sachin says:

    I have a fig tree which grew from a trimming which came with roots from another tree. It has grown as a sort of bush and its location and size makes it almost impossible to cut off a rooted piece to repeat the process. I am also afraid that doing so would kill the tree.

  8. Truman says:

    Both in Matthew 21:19; Mark 11:13-14, Jesus killed a fig tree. Why? It seems completely pointless, erratic, and unnecessary.

  9. Tay says:

    Next week I’m going to buy a (probably around 5ft tall) fig tree. I’ve never raised one of these before. Do I need 2 of them to make them fruit? What do I do with them during the winter since I live in western NY (zone 6)? What sized pot etc…

    Thank you!

  10. Legit Epikness :3 says:

    my friend gave me a fig tree last summer its not very big would it be ok to keep it in a large flower pot as we only have a small garden. what type of soil should i use and how will it fair with the British weather.Any advice please thank you.

  11. Robert Perez says:

    Fairly young and about twelve feet tall.

  12. Ashley says:

    It yeilds lots of figs every year but the biggest part of it is growing against my garage. Can I prune the big side and expect the small side to flourish? If so, how and when?

  13. Mikebarr724 says:

    I have fig, and peach trees and need to know about feeding, pruning and spraying for pests

  14. Michelle Simpson says:

    i got a new fig tree, i live in a deserty area, around now it goes anywhere from the 80-95 i live in california, i just got it its in a pot. what should i do to plant it and how should i care for it.

  15. Jodi Colton says:

    thanks a lot

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