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How to Seed a New Lawn

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To seed a new lawn spread out a thin layer of topsoil evenly across the surface. Using a seed spreader, spread the grass seed on top of the topsoil. Using the spreader, spread out fertilizer on top of the topsoil. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of topsoil. Place a thin layer of straw on top of the topsoil. Water the area. Water the are 3 to 4 times per week.

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How to Seed a Lawn?

When seeding a lawn, you first want to make sure that you have clear soil to seed. If you are over seeding, be sure to rake out the lawn thoroughly to remove any debris. If you are seeding a new lawn, be sure it is level, spread the seed, and then wa… More »

How to grass seed a sandy yard?

1. Rake the sandy yard area clear of rocks, weeds and other organic debris using a flexible metal rake. 2. Overseed the lawn with drought resistant grass seed using a seed disperser or by hand. Ensure the grass seed is evenly distributed throughout t… More »

How to seed a shady lawn?

1. Eliminate weeds from the planting site by applying a glyphosate-based herbicide. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for application, rate, and safety precautions. Remove additional weeds by pulling the entire root structure from the ground. Disc… More »

When to plant lawn seeds?

Cool-season grasses often stay green through frosty weather. Wait to plant cool-season grass seed until summer draws to a close to avoid heat stress and heat-loving weeds such as crabgrass. Lower temperatures in late summer and early fall are much fr… More »

How to seed a lawn in winter?

1. Remove your existing warm season lawn by digging the grass up and throwing it away. Till the first six inches of soil to break up any clumps that are larger than a half dollar. 2. Smooth the dirt with the back of a rake. Fill in any areas that are… More »

How to seed a lawn in seattle?

1. Remove all weeds and weed roots from the intended Seattle lawn area. Spread a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost or well-seasoned manure over the lawn site. Using a rototiller, work the compost into the top 6 to 12 inches of soil. Preparation of the so… More »

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  1. Margaret says:

    Most of the sod lawns I see have only surface roots. A seeded lawn typically has a longer “green” season into the winter (in Colorado) because the root system is more mature.

  2. Omg Dogs Rock says:

    how long to I have to wait to start mowing over an over seeding lawn.i water daily and I have to wait weeks and have mower on number two height..any info appreciated. I live in new England!.

  3. Mocho says:

    I just moved down to Goose Creek, South Carolina and I was wanting to seed my lawn because i don’t like the grass that is growing now. But here is my problem I’m renting and the owners mow for us. So I don’t want to up root the whole lawn I just want to spread seed. Can anyone help me?

  4. Diana says:

    I need to put some kind of cage like box around my newly seeded lawn to keep passer-by teenagers from intentionally destroying my new seeds…is there some kind of box-like product of metal or plastic that is a weaving of wiring (plastic or metal)?


  5. Holly Free says:

    I do not have a green thumb. I have neglected my lawn off & on for 12 years. I have never seeded or even aerated my lawn in that time. The lawn is salvageable. When is the best time to seed a lawn in Northern VA? I was planning on aerating & seeding it this spring & fall. Is that overkill?

  6. Zaid I says:

    I live in Colorado and have Kentucky Bluegrass. The last time I seeded my lawn with a seed spreader, I noticed it had attracted several meadow voles. Any tips on how to keep these guys away when I seed?
    Also, when is a good time to seed?

  7. Ashleymh2009 says:

    I am wanting to aerate and over seed my lawn and i live in northern wisconsin. The weather is always unpredictable this time of year. My question is if i spread the new seed and we get cooler weather at night will that kill my new seed?

  8. Aikay says:

    Some areas of the lawn are entirely Bermuda but other areas are mostly weeds and Saint Augustine grass. I am willing to kill the weeds in some places and till it but there are parts of the lawn are already Bermuda. How should I prepare and seed the lawn?

  9. Gul says:

    New seeded lawn 09/03,fertilize 4 weeks later on 10/01 per instructions on Scotts fall fertilizer,its now 11/09 and havent had our first snowfall yet. Should I or would it be a good idea to fertilize again before the snow comes?

  10. Annoymous says:


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