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How to Take Care of a Banana Tree

You may have similar questions as How to Split Banana Trees and How To Take Care Of Banana Trees,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Care For A Banana Tree Indoors. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Taking Care of Banana Trees,too. Read more as following:

A banana tree is actually very easy to grow and care for. There are a few things you should know before starting, however, such as how you should choose the location for your plant.

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How to split banana trees?

1. Excavate, carefully, around the base of the plant near a sucker that is between 3 and 5 feet tall to reveal the rhizome from which the sucker is growing. Place the edge of the shovel on the rhizome between the parent plant and the sucker. With a q… More »

How to Take Care of Banana Trees?

Although bananas grow in tropical weather, they can also be grown in other weather zones as long as you take care to make the proper adjustments for yor climate. To find more information click here: … More »

How to care for a banana tree indoors?

1. Place the pot and saucer onto the plant stand. A rolling stand will enable you to move the banana plant easily. Make a mix of about 80 percent potting soil and 20 percent perlite. 2. Carefully remove the banana plant from its original container. P… More »

How to care for a ‘walha’ banana tree?

1. Enrich and layer the soil around the base of the Walha banana with compost. If first planting Walha into the garden, create a soil that is 50 percent compost or well-rotted manure mixed with native topsoil. Already growing banana plants benefit fr… More »

How to care for a dwarf banana tree?

1. Grow the dwarf banana plant in well-draining soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7.0. Expose it to at least four hours of direct sunlight every day. Amend the planting site with organic matter such as compost or peat. If you’re growing the plant in a c… More »

What does a Banana Tree Look Like

A banana tree is tall and yellow and has gorillas hanging from it. Just kidding. A banana tree looks like a large palm tree. The leaves are green and wider and allow for the bananas to hang freely…. More »

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  1. Leah says:

    how do i take good care of my banana tree and make it grow & bear fruit earlier?

  2. Tiffannie says:

    I have a musa basjoo banana tree(I think) indoor due to cold weather outside. I noticed that the edges of the leaves are turning brown and some of the leaves are dieing. Can someone please give me advice on how I can take care of my Banana tree? Thanks

  3. Ineedaherp says:

    We live in northwest Florida where our banana trees planted around the house do great most of the year, but invariably freeze when we have a couple winter coldsnaps. Any advice on protecting them, especially the trunks? Should we trim the fronds and wrap the trunks or something? Thanks!

  4. Alexis says:

    sorry w/ all these banana tree questions but i cant find any info anywhere else. Its about 5′ right now and i’m about to transplant it. this isn’t a joke so no stupid answers please.

  5. Hhfjaskjflk says:

    I live in Southeast Mo. I have some beautiful Banana Trees and I don’t want to lose them to the cold weather. I have some that are 3-4 ft tall and some babies that have just come off recently. Please help me!!!!

  6. Kylie says:

    I live in Southern Ky. Frost and Cold winters Do I have to dig it up or can I cut it off at the top of the ground cover it with top soil? will it come back this spring?

  7. Dori says:

    These are winter hardy trees. I would like to move some of the trees but don’t know how to get them from the main bulb without killing them. Any ideas?

  8. Shortee48 says:

    Oophs I meant, I meant How do you care for banana trees in the winter?

  9. Leah Scott says:

    Any other banana growing tips?

  10. Pops says:

    I know the climate would have to be right. Bananas do not have seeds so I am wondering how people grow them.

  11. Lol says:

    I have some banana plants growing in the house and I’d like to transfer them to separate pots. I’m looking for the best soil. I know that the soil needs to be well-drained, but I need some more info about what soil to buy. A name, brand, or percentage of ingredients would be very helpful.

  12. Rhiannon Esmond says:

    I know it is not really a tree. I had a seed once but it died. Any hints?

  13. Sam Buéno says:

    I live in north Georgia, near Chattanooga, TN and it is just starting to get cold here.

  14. Emily From Ny says:


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