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What do Baby Ground Moles Eat

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For about the first month, baby moles get milk from their mother. After that, they start to eat what their mom eats, such as insects and earthworms.

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The best way to get rid of ground moles?

Moles can indeed be destructive, but at the same time, they aerate the soil and eat grubs that can damage your lawn and garden. Generally, they don’t stay in the same spot for any length of time, so you can always try waiting them out until they run… More »

What does a ground mole look like?

They have small, rounded bodies, pointy snouts and soft, fluffy brown or grey …… More »

What do Baby Moles Eat?

Baby moles eat there mother’s milk. They also eat worms and insects. But they mainly drink there mother’s milk. Moles do not have good vision so they can smell if something falls down in there tunnel…. More »

What do ground moles eat?

The mole’s diet consists mainly of insects found within the soil including grubs, beetles and insect larvae. Though insects make up the majority of their diet, moles are also known to feed on invertebrates such as earthworms. Plant matter makes up a… More »

How do i take care of a baby mole

Get the mole to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for proper care and veterinary treatment! Good luck…. More »

How do you raise a baby mole?

Hold him up high in your Hand !… More »

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