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What do Birch Trees Look Like

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I know that the tree is not truly white but it has a white appearance in the tree with drooping full leaves and branches in the summer.

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How long do birch trees live?

Healthy birch trees should be able to survive for 40 to 50 years, although it is not uncommon for a birch tree, particularly the white-barked variety, to only live 20 years. To ensure longevity, birch trees should be planted in sunny areas with cool,… More »

What does a Birch Tree Look Like

Birch trees typically have a white, papery bark that peels very easily. Their leaves are a smallish, heart-shape and the tree can grow to heights of 60 feet…. More »

What does birch tree pollen look like?

it looks a little like a spiky ball, very small, round with 3mm spikes…. More »

How does a birch tree looks like?

A birch tree has very distinctive white bark (that looks like it will peel off easily). Once you identify a few birch trees, you will never forget what a birch looks like…. More »

What does a white birch tree look like?

A full grown white birch can reach 60 feet or more. It has a white bark that peels off easily by hand. Some white birches grow straight as an arrow and become very large, while others grow in clumps of several smaller trees and do not grow straight u… More »

How to kill a birch tree?

1. Clear a space for a debris field in the direction the tree will fall. In general, the debris field is the direction the tree leans. The space you clear must equal the height of the tree. 2. Secure a ladder to the tree with a rope. If you are not c… More »

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  1. May says:

    Hi my mom wants to know what a paper birch tree seed looks like, because she would like to plant one and think she has one, but is not sure. What we have is a long buglike thing that droops on the branches. Is this a seed? Or does this carry seeds?

  2. Budgie Babe says:

    I am looking for white birch trees, ideally a grove of them. I’ve heard that they are more populous in northern Conn., and less so in Fairfield County, but I still don’t have much by the way of specifics to go on. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Summer says:

    I saw in a design mag a lady had birch tree stems in a large vase on the floor for decoration and it looked so pretty. Anyone know if u can purchase them in some store? Because im not gonna go to the woods to chop my own down.

  4. Orville says:

    I’m thinking of a birch tree that looks more like four birch trees growing from one root, and seems to be the result of natural grafting. would you call that a tree, or trees? Is it a tree clump? or is there another way of describing it? thanks!

  5. Goblue Gal says:

    I have three birch trees in my front yard and they are wilting. I water them regularly. I do live in Fresno, California, where it gets hot. I have heard that they don’t do good in hot weather, but Im not the one that planted them. Do they need more water or some fertilizer?

  6. Brittany Little M.d. says:

    I have a few Dura Heat River Birch trees I recently planted for privacy, how big doe they really get and do they look nice when mature or simply look like very tall skinny see through type trees? Thanks!

  7. Maria M says:

    The trees are about 9 years old and are getting pretty big. I have heard from a couple of people that they will not live longer than 20 years. Is this true? What is the life expectancy of a River Birch Tree?

  8. Kelsi says:

    I have recently moved to Melbourne, and while I have seen several silver birch trees, I have yet to see any rowan trees. Is there some obscure reason for this, or do I simply have to look for specialist garden centres?

  9. Jun says:

    thanks a lot

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