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What do Deers Eat

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Deers are wild animals that live in forests around the world. Deers eat a variety of plants found in their natural habitat. Deers are said to be picky eaters and often have preferred foods such as woody plants, fruit, and forbs.

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Do deer eat apples?

Yes they eat apples! They also eat cookies!… More »

What Animals Eat Deer?

Deer in North America are on the menu for several different types of animals. Bears, mountain lions, cougars, and humans are all examples of animals that eat deer…. More »

What Eats a Deer?

Well, where I live what eats deer is humans. But to be more serious, coyotes and bobcats in the mid-west. In other parts of the U.S. is might bear and wildcats…. More »

What Whitetail Deer Eat?

Whitetail deer, just like all other species of deer, are considered browsers. That simply means that deer eat an array of differet kinds of berries and grasses. … More »

What Deer Eat?

Deer have a varied diet. They can eat vegetation and love corn, sugar beets and carrots. They also feed on bark, twigs, grass and shoots…. More »

What do Deer Eat?

Deers usually are very picky grass and plant eaters. They also like fruits, crops, herbaceous plants, woody plants, nut crops and wild grasses when they are young and tender…. More »

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  1. Dori says:

    I want to plant hostas, but once deer eat them will they keep growing back, and or should I put a fence around them? And how long do they live? I am in MN so how long will they live? or is there any plants that live past the fall?

  2. Maegen says:

    My deer seem to eat darn near everything. Even yucca plants, which are supposed to be deer resistant. I think about the only thing I haven’t seen them eating is daffodils.

    What you your deer eat? What do they leave alone? What do you do to prevent plant loss from feeding deer?

  3. Celina says:

    I look at all of these hunting shows ( ex..Versus Country, The Buck Stops Here etc…) I see a lot of these shows doing food plots for deer.. I was just wondering do deer eat meat?

  4. Lowell L says:

    Deers keep eating my tulips and they won’t stop. I take planting very seriously and i get very worked up when the deers eat them right under my nose. How can i prevent this?

  5. Marco says:

    i need to decorate up my yard but everytime i do the deer eat my plants and i dont have alot of money to be sepding 200 dollars on plants. I just need a couple. Any ideas

  6. Ashkan, J. says:

    My cousin told me that deer eat their own poop to get the seeds they ate earlier and i was just wondering if it was true.

  7. Runnergurl says:

    I live in NC and am having terrible problems with deer eating my landscaping like shrubs, flowers and garden plants. Any ideas besides blowing the critters away?

  8. Eric James says:

    We live in an area where white-tail deer are prevelant – the south-eastern U.S.

    The deer eat and damage a great many things that we plant.

    Does anyone have suggestions about flowering, deer-resistant plants in south-eastern U.S.?

  9. Jamie says:

    I saw a squirrel climb on top of my plant and eating my tomatos, first I thought it was a deer eating it because I have deers too. If you can help me out I will be happy to grow them.Thank you very much!

  10. Narendra says:

    The deer are eating the roses off my rose bush. Help.

  11. John Doe says:

    I have a new veggie garden in the middle of a field where I have seen deer. Can I specifically feed them at one end of the field to keep them away from my garden? What would I feed them? Anyone done this successfully? Will deer eat a flower garden?

  12. Help Please Xx says:

    i just plnted some tomato plants and i have a deer problem around my house and i was wondering if deers eat tomato plants.

  13. Jarrod says:

    My dad is a deer hunter and he was wondering what are the best times to go hunting. Like what times do deer usually eat?

  14. Gokusanyy says:

    Live in Northeast Ohio on 2 wooded acres and want to stop the deer from eating my mums in my flower beds. I need something that is safe to use with children.

  15. Fgdfg says:

    i know lions eat deer but do deers eat and kill as well?

  16. Molly says:

    What can I do to keep the deer from eating all my plants? They are also eating my peas. I have a fence up but obvioulsy not tall enough. I also have alum. pans hanging (someone said that would work). Any other ideas? We live in a wooded area so there is a lot of wildlife.

  17. Aikay says:

    thanks a lot

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