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What does a Black Walnut Tree Look Like

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A black walnut tree is an average looking tree. It is quite large and the leaves branch out quite a bit. As the name would suggest the bark of the tree is black.

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How Much are Black Walnut Trees Worth?

Black walnut trees are in high demand. The more mature they are, the more they are worth. A mature black walnut tree can yield $5000.00 or more. Each year on the tree more value is added. You could have a forester or timber cutter come and give you a… More »

How to identify black walnut trees?

1. Examine the tree’s bark. Black walnut trees will have furrowed, dark bark with a leathery texture. If the tree has lost its leaves already, examine the length of each limb and identify the "leaf scars" or the small scars left in the bark when the… More »

Who buys black walnut trees?

Contact a lumber mill or a timber dealer. Furniture company’s might be particularly interested in buying them -IF- there are enough in the grove to make it worth their while to harvest them…. More »

Who Do I Sell My Black Walnut Trees Too?

If you are looking for someone to buy your black walnut trees, your best method is to put an ad in your local paper. You can also contact local nurseries or but up fliers around your town…. More »

What does a Black Walnut Tree Look Like

A Black Walnut tree is a very large, thick trunked tree, with large sprawling branches. The largest known right now is in Oregon and in the summer, very beautiful…. More »

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  1. Stephenie says:

    We own a large 20-30 yr. old black walnut tree, we are looking for someone to cut it down. The tree is in great shape and bears black walnuts every year. I would hate to pay someone to cut it, so I thought it could be cut for the use of the wood.

  2. Linda says:

    I can only plant my vegetable garden near a black walnut tree. Something in the tree make-up prevents certain plants from growing. Which ones do better than others. Thank you
    There is sun but the drip line of the tree is close to the garden.

  3. Brandon Rodriguez says:

    I have some black walnut trees and old barns for sale and would like to know how to sell them in upstate south carolina.

  4. Oh,heyyou. says:

    I live in Michigan and have a beautiful, healthy black walnut tree in my yard. Well, it’s starting to drop the mint green, ping pong ball size nuts. From what I understand, you can process these nuts to eat, but I have no idea how. Does anyone have any experience doing this ???

  5. Alison says:

    I have to cut down a very large black walnut tree. I know the wood is valuable. Does anyone know how to go about selling the wood?

  6. Dawna Cherry says:

    A giant limb fell from our ancient black walnut tree..The limb is 16″ wide at the base and from where we cut it is 11″ wide..The length is roughly 19+ feet..The limb is still green and dense with no rot.

  7. Michael says:

    I am looking to find buyers for an old, very straight, disease free Blank Walnut tree, know of any?

  8. Ali says:

    I have a tree that looks like a Walnut tree, but would like to verify with noting the leaf characteristics.

  9. Funnymonkey123 says:

    They are mature black walnuts and in pretty good shape.

  10. Unreal says:

    My property had a line of pine trees that provide privacy, however, the ones under a walnut tree all died due to the poisonous excretions of the walnut. I’m looking for a bush or tree that will provide privacy and is also tolerant to the walnut tree’s poison.

  11. Lizze.h says:

    Is it like a pecan that comes apart in three parts or a black walnut that is green and turns black and mushy?

  12. Aubry says:

    Please help i’ve tried various things different seed good fertilizer water morning/evenings but still grass is patchy and doesn’t grow underneath the walnut(black) tree.

  13. Die Potato says:


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