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What does a Buckeye Nut Look Like

You may have similar questions as Can You Eat Buckeye Nuts and What Is A Buckeye Nut,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does A Buckeye Look Like. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Buckeye Seed Nut,too. Read more as following:

If you have to assign a shape to the buckeye nut, it is sort-of round and yet a bit irregular in it's roundness! The nut is approximately an inch in diameter and is a very dark brown, with a little round circle on the top that is orangey-brown.

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Can You Eat Buckeye Nuts

Buckeye nuts are bitter and poisonous and should only be eaten after they have been boiled and the poison removed by percolating. Buckeye nuts are toxic to almost every animal but squirrels…. More »

What is a Buckeye Nut?

A buckeye nut comes from the Ohio buckeye tree, the nut is brown in color and smooth to touch. The Indians would roast and mash this nut for supper and the early settlers used the wood to make things…. More »

What does a Buckeye Look Like?

A buckeye resembles the chestnut in color, however has more of a round shape in comparison to the chestnut. In addition, due to their high acid content, eating buckeyes from the tree is not suggested…. More »

What does a buckeye nut look like?

The nut is probably the main attraction of the buckeye tree. The nut is a glossy br…. More »

What are buckeye nuts good for?

Everything aprt from sex…. More »

What are buckeye nuts?

buckeye nuts are not edible it is poisonous…. More »

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  1. Animesh S says:

    Recevied a buckeye nut for good luck from a fmily member in Southern Illinois. I now live in Dallas, will it even grow here? It still looks like the day it was given to me.

  2. Arianna says:

    I made buckeyes and now I have a bunch of the peanut butter, powdered sugar stuff left. Can it keep and if so, for how long? I don;t want to throw it away becasue theres a lot there.

  3. Genius says:

    I know they are buckeyes, tough uneatable nut, but who gives them out, team vote, coaches, board, alumni? And yes they do look goofy.

  4. Carley says:

    I heard someone call this person a buckeye. It seems like it has something in relation to Ohio, because the person called a buckeye was born in Ohio.

  5. Jessica-laine says:

    Anyone know of any events/specials going on? Cheap drinks and big tv’s and lots of Buckeye fans is what we’re looking for. We late 20′s.

  6. Talia says:

    It’s a bit like a nut shell, and has little spikes on it. It looks kind of old, and dark brown.
    Nope, it’s not chestnuts… of any kind. Thank you all though!

    I think it MIGHT be a beech nut.

  7. Rose-marie Albans says:

    …or other Christmas type snacks? Because I have a baby on the way and just lost my job, my hubby & I are looking for “cheap” things we can do for loved ones this Christmas. We thought making snacks…if anyone has any other ideas for inexpensive gifts, let me know. Thanks!!

  8. Kitty Evans says:

    please cane you tell me is BUCKEYE NUT & CONKER is thesaym things. i bin tald in AMERIKA they call it BUCKEYE NUT & hear in ENGLAND they call CONKER is that true or it is wrong. can you tell me please. thank you so much for your time

  9. Jelly says:

    sorry for my ignorance buckeyes fans but they look like a leaf from a marijuana plant
    and what is a buckeye anyway

  10. Roxy says:

    I thought they were buckeyes but when I looked at pics on the Internet, buckeyes look totally different. I bought these at a garage sale, as I’ve not seen any around the D/FW area. Texas.

  11. Kendall says:

    Is it a particular species of tree how do I differentiate.

  12. Sketcher024 says:

    Nut harvesting.

  13. Vidal Soto says:

    I need to bring a dessert to a family reunion this weekend. We will be traveling so I need to make it 2 days in advance. I also need something that does not need to be refrigerated. I am hoping for something original and delicious. Any ideas?

  14. Pops says:

    I mean come on… the GATORS…we’re FIERCE!

    A buckeye sounds like some kind of undergarment that my grandma would wear under her shaw!

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