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What does a Cedar Tree Look Like

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They have a variable of looks depending on the tree type. Red Cedars are like elegaent yard hedge, The trees have different looks depending on their ages.

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types of Cedar Trees?

Cedar trees are a member of the pine tree family with a very distinct spicy aroma. There are many different types of cedar trees. Some common cedar tree varities are eastern red, western red, northern white, and cedar of lebanon…. More »

What does a Cedar Tree Look Like?

Cedar trees are evergreen conifers. Their foliage is more like a scale rather than a needle. They tend to have rough peeling bark and they grow quite large, usually somewhat conical, but not as tight as a Christmas tree…. More »

Where Are Cedar Trees Found?

Cedar trees are native to the Mediterranean region and the lofty mountains of the Western Himalayas in Asia. In the former they are found growing at altitudes of 1,000-2,200m and in the latter at 1,500-3,200m. However different varieties of these tal… More »

What do cedar tree seeds look like?

Cedar trees are of the genus Cedrus, but it can be confusing since some junipers and arborvitae are called cedars. The Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is a juniper and the Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is an arborvitae. True cedars of th… More »

Where do Cedar Trees Grow?

Cedar trees are a very common plant found throughout the North American continent. Different forms of Cedars are native from Canada all the way down to the GUlf coast and west to California…. More »

Why do my cedar trees look like they are on fire?

The fungus, scientifically identified as Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae, causes cedar trees to display bright orange spore-producing bodies in springtime. More commonly called cedar-apple rust, this fungus lives out its two-part life cycle betw… More »

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  1. Cowboy Jacob says:

    I live in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and my two cedar elm trees look full but I did not want to try to prune them unless I knew it was a good time and until I knew how. I believe they are about 4-5 yrs old. Thanks

  2. Horselover says:

    I have a row of about 8 cedar trees to block my neighbors yard, but all of them have been infected with Cedar Apple Rust and have for a few years. All but one of the trees still look perfectly healthy, but it this going to kill them eventually or is it worse for the nearby apple tree?

  3. Sriman says:

    Does anyone know if cedar trees will grow in really sandy soil. I need something to use as a privacy type fence and if that won’t work are there any other suggestions.

  4. Gypsy Soul says:

    They hang in the tops of cedars trees this time of year, I pulled some off and cut them open. There is a big grey looking worm
    inside. Thanks for all your answers

  5. Iloverats says:

    The cedar tree has completely turned a dull ochre or rusty yellow colour. I first noticed the change 4 months ago. The tree does not look weak. The adjacent trees also have isolated areas that have turned a similar yellow.

  6. Yaz says:

    This layer of white has a texture like old white paint that is cracking off a building or other piece of painted wood. It appears to be on most of the bark on all of the cedar trees. What is this? Is it harmful? How should it be treated?

  7. Sweetie says:

    I’m buying a house and Looking for some nice shade Trees I have family who has some Eastern Red cedar trees, is it better to grow from a seed or transplant a sapling? I also thought about some other tree Like Green ash But I like conifer trees, or junipers.

  8. Rubens Gates says:

    I need a privacy barrier for a garden in the woods. I do not want it to look out of place either. The surrounding woods contain cedar trees and oaks, trees of that nature

  9. Kia Z Z says:

    One big poof of smoke came out of the upper 1/4 of a hugh cedar tree in our yard. This happened at least 3-4 times. Raining-no lightening-no fog today.. We’ve never seen this before and don’t know what the cause could be.

  10. Beatnikblake says:

    The leaves of the tree looked like palm leaves but they were all the way down the trunk like a cedar tree.

  11. Greeceangel33 says:

    They are Western Red Cedar Trees.

  12. Alesha says:


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