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What does a Cottonwood Tree Look Like

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A cottonwood tree is a large and broad tree with many branches spreading outward and up. These trees are found near areas with wet soil such as lakes and riverbanks. They grow large and have dark bark on their trunks.

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What does a Cottonwood Tree Look Like?

Cottonwood trees generally grow to be 40-80 ft tall. They have thick, deeply furrowed, gray bark.They grow with broad open branches that hold 3-5 inch triangular shaped leaves that are shiny green in the summer and turn yellow in the fall. For more i… More »

How fast do cottonwood trees grow?

Cottonwood’s in good growing conditions will grow 3 – 5′ per year once established. … More »

How to remove a cottonwood tree?

1. Plan which way you want the cottonwood to fall. Note where the tree stands in relation to cars, buildings, streets and power lines. 2. Put on safety glasses, hard hat and gloves. Clear brush and undergrowth in the immediate area of the tree. Creat… More »

How to prune cottonwood trees?

1. Clean the blades of all pruning equipment before use. Dip them in boiling water for 30 seconds or wipe with a cloth dampened in rubbing alcohol. This prevents introduction of bacteria, fungus and insect eggs to pruning wounds. 2. Prune cottonwoods… More »

How to measure cottonwood trees?

1. Measure from the ground up to 5 feet on the trunk of the cottonwood tree to account for any irregularities in width that often occur closer to the ground. 2. Mark the 5-foot measurement with chalk. 3. Measure the circumference of the tree at the m… More »

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  1. Ricky Southwell says:

    I need to remove three giant cottonwood trees from my lawn in North Richland Hills Texas. Anyone know local companies that do this?

  2. Curious24 says:

    Just moved to new mexico and in my back yard i got two cottonwood trees but one of them is looking kinda sick. lost All of its leaves while the other one is still very green, what can be wrong with it and how can i take care of it.

  3. Breanna says:

    They would float in the air, I am not talking about the fluffs from a cottonwood tree, they almost look spiky but they are very soft. As a child I would call them fairies..

    Here is a link to a photo:

  4. Melydelyrox says:

    expanding on that absurdly short question, there is a nice looking tree next to the river that runs along my house. How would I be able to duplicate it and grow it in my yard? It doesn’t have any berries or acorns, so whats another way I could grow a copy of it.

  5. Tynan says:

    for something that will dry the tree wat can we use?

  6. Gingerhairedgirl says:

    It is for bass, but just as important, for the beauty of the scenery. I would really appreciate tips on species of trees for shade and scenery, grass, plants, and anything to help the pond become a small haven with a very natural presentation. Lengthy answers are very welcome. Thanks

  7. Maddie K says:

    I am looking for a live tree to put in my bird room, preferably one that is edible (leaves, bark, berries, flowers…etc). I have two parakeets and a few finches.

  8. Anastasia says:

    thank you

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