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What does a Pecan Tree Look Like

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A pecan tree looks very similar to a ordinary tree, it is just pecan ten feet taller. A pecan tree is approximately sixty six to one hundred and thirty feet long.

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What does a Pecan Tree Look Like

Pecan trees grow about 66 to 130 feet in high. The trunk is about 6 feet in diameter. And the leaves are pinnate reaching up to 18 inches long…. More »

How to take care of pecan trees?

1. Select the tree’s planting location. Choose a spot in anticipation of the tree’s full growth, and be sure it is at least 30 feet away from any other large tree or house. The ground’s soil must be deep, organic, and well-drained, and the area must… More »

When to trim pecan trees?

Trimming young pecans during the first five years of growth gives your mature trees good branch structure. It produces an open, wind-resistant tree that can be kept to a moderate size. Trimming lets you select the best side branches to develop. Remov… More »

How to feed pecan trees?

1. Water your pecan tree frequently, especially when the weather is hot. Newly planted trees will need a gallon of water every day. This does not mean you need to water your tree daily, but it means that when you do water you need to make sure the wa… More »

How to pot a pecan tree?

1. Cut pencil-thick-sized twigs of new growth in late spring after the tree has lost its flowers. 2. Trim the cuttings into 6 inch to 8 inch lengths. Leave one or two leaves attached to the top of each cutting, stripping away excess leaves. 3. Place… More »

How to plant a pecan tree?

1. Dig a hole approximately 3 feet by 3 feet, and 3-4 feet deep. Ideally you want to do this before you bring the tree home from the nursery, to speed up the planting process and increase the survival probability. It is important to keep the roots mo… More »

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  1. Tg - Wi says:

    Um mm Because last night we thought Squirrels where in pecan tree and we heard limbs cracking. We was Talking about God and native Americans when this huge loud growl came from tree.Then my uncle ran like hell and i looked back and seen glowing eyes looking back.

  2. I Ride 'em Ponies says:

    Parked boat under a Pecan tree and the sap got all over my white seats and they look nasty.

  3. Aidan says:

    My pecan tree is dropping its nuts as it does this time every year. I only get a few of them because of the greedy squirrels. When I pick them up there is a substance that gets on my hands and it looks yellow and brown and then all brown. I just wonder what it is.

  4. Lacey says:

    I have a HUGE pecan tree in the back yard and the pecans that fall are in a wrapper/shell and green how do i make them look like a normal pecan?

  5. Invisible says:

    They’re a little less than an inch long and they have what looks like 10 legs. The kids found them in the back yard on a pecan tree. They make webs. They have a thin white stripe down the middle of their stomach’s and each side of them.

  6. Meggie says:

    We just bo’t this house recently and we have a pecan tree in the backyard. Today we shelled some of these nuts and they look different than a normal pecan. Can we eat these?

  7. Duc says:

    this many pecans but at least 80% of them are rotten. Many have small grub looking worms. I”ve known many people who have had pecan trees and don”t remember anyone having this problem? Are the trees not mature enough or what? The trees are cheyenne, choctaw, and a couple others I don”t remember.

  8. Axiom says:

    Can they grow in the tropical humid subclimate of Florida? How about apple trees?

  9. Rashell says:

    its a pecan tree in the rock springs area but i could not find it
    this is for garden visitors

  10. Dovepaw Picklo says:

    I think my computer would look great in flames. Or my pecan tree. It would look nice, esp. at night. Which one should go first?

  11. Nancy says:

    thanks a lot

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