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What does a Wheat Plant Look Like

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A mature wheat plant has long slender leaves, a usually hollow stalk and then heads of grain, many to each stalk, that are the most recognizeable feature of the plant.

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When is Winter Wheat Planted?

Winter wheat is a type of grain that is planted in Sept-October. It sprouts before the frost comes. It then goes dormant through out the winter (thus the name). It flowers in the Spring and is harvested in July. ht… More »

When is Spring Wheat Planted?

If you want to give your spring wheat a jump plant near Thanksgiving. This little delay in emergency will allow it to grow a couple weeks earlier than the ones planted in early spring…. More »

What does wheat look like?

Wheat is like grass at first when it starts to shoot. It will then ‘head out’ which means the heads of the wheat will start to grow on the top of the plants. It will keep growing until it becomes a shade of yellow of which will then soon be ready to… More »

How to plant wheat for deer?

1. Decide what size of feed plot you want to grow. Ideally, the minimum size for a deer population would be 1/2 to 1 acre. Plots over 5 acres are not as effective. Your wheat plot should measure at least 60 feet or more on one side. 2. Take a soil sa… More »

How to plant wheat in minecraft?

1. Locate a patch of tall grass on the ground. Face the grass, and click on the patch to destroy it. Each destroyed patch of tall grass changes to drop wheat seeds. Walk over the seeds to automatically add them to your inventory. 2. Place stone, iron… More »

How to plant buck wheat?

1. Till the soil in the area you wish to plant buckwheat. Buckwheat prefers well-drained, loose soils, but avoid soil that is too coarse or sandy. 2. Apply a burn-down herbicide and till the soil again three to five days later. The second till is use… More »

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  1. Justin Zosel says:

    My tomato plants just got killed off with a bout of those tiny mites just before they were ready to harvest. I have one green pepper plant looking good but am back to the beginning for snow peas and cucumbers. I need to know who to kill mites or how not to overwater, etc

  2. Katie says:

    I’ve grown a penne rigate wheat plant indoors, so I can enjoy home grown pasta. It was planted exactly a year ago today and looks pretty laden with gnocchis. Do you think it is time to reap them?..

  3. Bridget Lynn says:

    I just got it and its already turning brown and looks like it’s dying. How often should I water it and what else should I do?

  4. Mary says:

    I have two cats and I am looking for plants I can grow in my yard that they would like to eat.

  5. Petros says:

    They sort of look like wheat but they have a brown hotdog shaped thing on the top, and when you pull one of these off liek cotton stuff expldes from it. what is it?

  6. Anthony Monteleone says:

    I want to do something different I guess. I’ve got house plants but I’ve never really grown any kind of flowers out in the yard and I’m worried it’s a different sort of thing to deal with. What are some easy plants to take care of? Is it best to start from seeds or from an already grown plant?

  7. Hamish says:

    This is for a science project. Please help ASAP. I need to know of some animals that live in Lake Erie and also some plants and I also need to know HOW they adapt to their environment. Well, I need 4 ways they adapt. I have never been there so I honestly do not know. THANKS! XO!

  8. Allan says:

    What is the difference between whole grain bread and whole wheat bread and white bread. Which is the best?

  9. Lee says:

    Also, if would be great if you could tell me:
    What is unusual about its ploidy and its reproduction?
    What is vestigial about this plant?

  10. Paul Linker says:

    Or will it ruin the plant ?

  11. Creature Of The Sun says:

    this can either be mualistic, commensalism, or parasitic, but cannot be an plant and animal relationship.

  12. Ah Man Da says:

    Are they they same plant or does one have more of the husk or what?…whats the difference?

    thanks =)

  13. Brodie says:

    I am looking for a possible food source that can grow in hot dry climates, any ideas?

  14. Chelsae says:

    Also, what are the advantages or disadvanges to using this over mulch? Thanks for any help. I have new Double Knock Out Roses planted.

  15. 12883isme says:


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