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What does An Orchid Look Like

You may have similar questions as How To Keep Orchids Looking Beautiful and How To Look After A Moth Orchid,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Look For Organic Orchid Flowers. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Different Types of Orchids,too. Read more as following:

Orchids usually share certain traits such as having a simple leaf style. Some orchids will possess the single flower while others will have a higher number of smaller flowers. Orchids do not possess any woody stem.

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How to keep orchids looking beautiful?

1. When you water your orchids, be sure to not over water them. Do not allow the growing medium to become completely saturated. 2. If you have orchids on your windowsill, be careful when the sun is out. If you leave your orchids in direct sunlight fo… More »

How to look after a moth orchid?

1. Give your moth orchid a spot where it can get lots of sunlight. Outdoor and indoor orchids should not be obstructed from early morning or late afternoon sun. 2. Shade your moth orchids from mid-day sun whenever possible. This amount of sunlight ca… More »

How to look for organic orchid flowers?

1. Buy your orchid from a reputable nursery or home and garden center. Employees will be able to tell you whether the orchid has been raised under organic conditions (in a strict environment without any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludg… More »

What does a black orchid look like?

All orchids require similar growing environments: a supportive foundation like peat moss that allows air circulation, at least 12 hours of indirect sunlight or UV lighting every day, restricted watering and temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees. One of th… More »

What dose a orchid look like?

orchids are freakinbg flowers get ova it loosa’s… More »

What do orchids look like?

Orchids have thick tropical type leaves, very bright vivid colored blossoms of the rainbow. Blossoms sometimes look like interesting insects but don’t scare you…. More »

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  1. Rasine says:

    I would like to grow another orchid from a leaf clipping, but I’m not sure how to obtain it without damaging the plant. I’ve grown other plants from leaf clippings before, but the moth orchid looks so different that I’m not sure where (if anywhere), I can cut it.

  2. Laney Stapp says:

    It is tall and stalky with yellow, orchid looking flowers. Slightly scented. My rabbit is eating it. Is it safe for him?

  3. Chelsea Hoadley says:

    Someone gave me an orchid. It looked to me that it needed re-potting, so I bought some soil marked specifically for orchids. The orchid bit the dust and now I have a bag of that soil.

  4. Beardedbaby1377 says:

    I just recently bought this orchid and looking for some general care tips! Thanks :)

  5. Watden says:

    I don’t want the traditional rose but since my dress is green do you think a white/purplish orchid would look nice? Or white roses with baby’s breath sprayed silver?

  6. Epilot757 says:

    I have to write about what that sentence means and I have no clue. What does it mean? Orchids look delicate but thrive on neglect.

  7. Mons?er ? Loki'd says:

    When it has no eyes to see the bug it is imitating?

    I was just reading about orchid flowers that look so much like a bug that someone could mistake them for two flies on a stalk. How can does that evolve?

  8. Maia Earthsong says:

    Hiya, my friend has gone away for a month and given me her orchid to look after. I dont want it to die on me! How do I best look after it? It is a pink one. Thanks

  9. Crystal J says:

    My friend wants to give a bouquet of flowers to his 1 month g/f… i suggested orchids and irises because they’re her fave flowers… do u think they look nice together?

  10. Galatians_52223 says:

    I have a phalaenopsis orchid (moth orchid) that I keep indoors and water once a week. I fed it Yates Orchid Food 3 weeks ago, which is suitable for all orchids. The plant looks healthy, however, the flower buds drop off upon light contact. Is the plant sick? What can I do about it?

  11. Jesschros says:

    thank you

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