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What Repels Bees

You may have similar questions as How To Repel Bees and How To Repel Wasps Bees,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Repel Carpenter Bees. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Rid of Bees Naturally,too. Read more as following:

Bees are key workers for Mother Nature, but bees can also be a nuisance. You can repel bees using a newspaper. Burn a newspaper underneath their nest. You may also used orange oil and a water to concoct a natural bee repellent by mixing them and brush them around the banisters of your deck.

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How to Repel Bees

1 Start a campfire . Smoke usually relaxes honey bees and will make them less likely to sting. 2 Have some fabric softener sheets handy . You might place a few on the table, or tie a loop to your bag, or something similar. The odor will keep away bee… More »

How to repel wasps & bees?

1. Cover all food items when outdoors. The summer months are popular for outdoor picnics and barbecues when wasps and bees are most active. 2. Cover foods high in protein or keep them indoors. Bees are attracted to foods high in protein. Meats should… More »

How to repel carpenter bees?

1. Paint the wood. Carpenter bees are attracted to unpainted wood surfaces. Staining wood does not work as well as paint for repelling carpenter bees, but staining provides better protection than bare wood. 2. Close doors to garages and outbuildings… More »

How to repel bees & flies?

1. Clean up all trash inside and outside of the home. Keep outside trash cans covered with properly fitted lids. 2. Cover all open food and drink containers with either a tight-fitting lid or plastic wrap. Bees and flies are attracted to sugar, which… More »

Which plants repel bees?

The strong smell of the eucalyptus tree discourages many insects, including bees. eucalyptus image by lye from Eucalyptus is a tree that produces an oil that repels many insects, including bees. Simply crushing the leaves will produce en… More »

What Flowers Repel Bees? Bees can become a nuisance in the garden if they start appearing in large numbers. There are many plants that will repel specific insects, including bees; the most common are strong-scented herbs. According to Lorentz Pearson in "The Dive… More »

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  1. Chrissy says:

    I’ve read that it repels bees, and would that not be detrimental in terms of needing the bees for pollination?

  2. Cetacea says:

    I am trying to redo my yard and I don’t want any buggs in
    my yard so. Is there plant that repels bees and if so where can I find it??? I would also like to know if there is a plant that repels mosquetos (don’t know how to spell it) And where could you find it also

  3. Mr.teamonmyback says:

    I have an awning over my bedroom window and every year I have to spray and kill the bees and then take out the nest. Is there something I can put up there that repels the bees and stops them from making nests?

  4. Clare says:

    I recently planted a few bushes and was told by the nursery they would not attract bees. Sadly, I was given bad info. Now curious to know if there is a chemical that won’t hurt the plant but will repel the several bees these plants seem to attract.

  5. Mistic says:

    swing set is about 10 years old. Not sure if stain will repel bees by itself or if I need to do anything else.

  6. Cm93 says:

    I am in Zone 5.
    We’d like flowers in our yard but we have a kid with bee sting allergies so we don’t want to risk it.

  7. Madam Iza says:

    * basil
    * mint
    * rosemary
    * wildflowers
    * lavender

    Do any of them repel bees or insects?

  8. Sycokittie says:

    does any one have any natural way to repel ticks spiders bees and wasps? especially ticks thanks a lot!

  9. Serialized says:

    I have to do some work outside and trim plants. The whole place is next to a rose bush and is attracting bees of different types. WHat can i spray or put on myself that will cause to repel?

  10. Margaret W says:

    I’m 16 and I have a bee phobia and I can’t stand to get near them or have them get near me. I get really scared when they land on my hand or so with the fear of them stinging me, is their a product or something I can do to keep them away from me? Any tips would be great! thanks guys!

  11. Departings says:

    Are there any scents that bee’s don’t like? I hate bee’s and was wondering if there is anything to keep them away.

  12. Micah says:

    I have a terrible fear of bees and i need something to repel them. BTW, what is the fear of bees called?

  13. Jarrod says:

    Two of them are torturing me and my big brother. Everytime we try to go onto the deck, they buzz in our faces. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  14. Planetary says:

    thanks a lot

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