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When do I Trim Pampas Grass

You may have similar questions as How To Trim Pampas Grass and When To Trim Pampas Grass,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Trim A Pampas Grass Plant. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Pruning Pampas Grass,too. Read more as following:

It is very simple to trim your pampas grass. Get a picture in your head to about how high you want your grass. Then starting on the outside grabs big handfuls and cut. Now you will work your way to the middle.

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How to trim pampas grass?

1. Pampas spreads from the outside. Dress in long sleeves and wear sturdy gloves on your hands. Wear long pants and shoes that cover your feet. Use the hand trimmers first and cut away the long blades on the outside of the pampas grass. Use extreme c… More »

When to trim pampas grass?

Trim the pampas grass during the late winter months. Pruning it before the next growing season ensures that the plant maintains a pleasing shape and height for the next season. The grass holds no particular interest during the winter, therefore pruni… More »

How to trim a pampas grass plant?

1. Evaluate the condition of current pampas grass. Make sure the plant has plenty of room to expand as needed. Pampas can reach 10 feet or more in height and literally take up as much room as you allow for spreading. Pruning presents the perfect oppo… More »

How to Cut & Trim Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is an ornamental grass used in landscaping yards. Pampas grass can grow quite tall and become very full. The plant is unusual because the millions of seeds it produces do not require pollination to sprout and grow. Pampas grass produces… More »

When should i trim back pampas grass?

Trimming pampas grass gets rid of the previous year’s old, unsightly foliage and makes room for new, vibrant growth. The plant will be healthier and more attractive as the new shoots benefit from fresh air and plenty of sunlight. Keeping pampas grass… More »

How to Cut Pampas Grass With Trimming Tools

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is a large, ornamental grass grown in landscapes throughout the southern half of the U.S. It grows to 10 feet tall and wide and produces showy white or pink plumes borne on upright stalks in late summer. Gardeners g… More »

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  1. Arezoo says:

    I have a couple large clumps of pampas grass. I want to remove it, as the previous owner planted it right in the middle of the yard.

    I can cut it down with a hedge trimmer, but will something like Roundup kill the roots?

  2. Emily~ :') says:

    Does pampas grass have a life span? My grasses were growing fantastically for about three or four years, but they got way too big. We trimmed them and they never recovered. Do I have to replace them every 3 years or so? When’s the best time to plant them AND trim them? Thanks.

  3. Amanda Verma says:

    just planted two pampa grass from the plant pots into the garden,any tips on feeding or sound they be left alone and how long does it take to grow

  4. Axesmellsgr8 says:

    Its got out of control and is about 8 foot high and 8 foot wide. I cant burn it as it is too close to the house. Have tried cutting it back but end up with more cuts on me also its got a hollow in the middle where its really dry. Hope someone out there can help me yet again. Thanks.

  5. Gibson says:

    I have planted purple pampas grass and now it has froze and turned brown over the winter. I read that you need to prune it by pulling off the dead grass and trim the stalks. then take newspaper and lightly burn the stalk tops. Can anyone tell me if this true?

  6. Stardust says:

    i was told it was a minature when i bought it,it wasn’t. we try to trim it to keep it looking nice,but it still doesn’t. i’ve tried straight husband dug it out with his tractor a couple years ago,and it comes back as healthy as ever. help,please!

  7. Tg - Wi says:

    I’m in the midwest where the soil is somewhat clay-like. Any extra helpful hints are appreciated. Thanks

  8. Antonino says:

    We have an 8 foot fence, is there any grass that will grow that tall?

  9. Joe Mccanon says:
  10. Jack says:

    why is there no grass growing out of my pampas grass.

  11. Attilio Brandi says:


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