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When do You Plant Mums

You may have similar questions as When Can I Plant Mums outside and What Time of Year Is Best to Plant Mums,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Plant Mums. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Planting Potted Mums,too. Read more as following:

Depending on what part of the country you live in, mums can be planted almost anytime. I have some that I planted about 3 years ago and they keep coming back.

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What time of year is best to plant mums

The absolute best time to plant mums is in the spring after the last frost. This will help make sure that they bloom in the late summer and early fall. For more info visit … More »

How to plant mums?

1. Take a trip to the local garden center to purchase mums. When choosing the plants, keep in mind that the ones in bloom will give your flower garden an instant shot of color, but the mums with tight unopened buds will last longer into the blooming… More »

When to Plant Mums?

Mum are a falls flower and can stay in the ground year round and with care will continue to bloom. The best time to plant Mum is in august as the summer and spring flowers start to die off. For more information look here: … More »

Can Potted Mums be Planted Outdoors

Yes, and they are very beautiful in a flower garden. Remove the plant from the pot and place it in a hole about the same size as the pot. Fill in the dirt and pack it tightly. Keep it watered regularly.… More »

How to plant mums in a container?

1. Select a container 10 to 12 inches in diameter with drainage holes on the bottom. Mums have shallow root systems so the depth of the container can be 8 to 10 inches. 2. Mix equal parts of fine sand, peat moss and loam. Spread the mixture on a cook… More »

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  1. Kyle says:

    Every year at this time I plant mums, but for some reason they do not grow in the spring, what do I do when they die in a few weeks ? cut them all the way down to the ground? And what do I do when and if they grow back in the spring, somw people say, to trim them in the spring or they won’t grow.

  2. Annoymous says:

    Mums… Has anyone replaced tired summer plants with mums in existing containers along with other plants? any luck?

  3. Coolguy101 says:

    I have planted mum plants on the south side of my house and would like them to come back next year. Is there anything special I need to do to insure this?

  4. Mr. G says:

    Ok I planted mums in the fall. They have died from the winter and the tops are still there. Bare, brown and dead. They are a perennial so they’ll come back in the fall right? What do I do with the dead tops? Can I cut the tops off down to the ground? Will they just grow back again in the fall?

  5. Elyluv says:

    I want to plant hardy mums in my half whiskey barrel and wanted to know if they would come back next year as if they were in the ground.

  6. Amy says:

    i just planted mums and panies in my flowers bed and i know they need water and i am going to put compost in the flowers bed.
    any other tips???

  7. Erik says:

    It’s supposed to rain every hour here all day long. Should I go ahead and plant some mums and a juniper before te rain or wait until after? Could it be too much rain?

  8. Brea says:

    Last year, I planted mums and then this winter they frosted and the blossoms are brown and papery. For them to bloom again this fall, do I need to cut off last year’s blossoms? I’m very new at gardening and would like to enjoy the mums come this fall. Please help, thank you!

  9. Bretman says:

    what month do you plant mum seeds

  10. Help Please Xx says:

    Serious responses only please. I recently planted some mums in my garden and already the squirrels have torn them to shreds! How can I repell them safely? I don’t want to hurt or kill them, just keep them out of the garden. Any ideas?

  11. Vick says:

    i have forgot all about my mums and havent watered them sence wednesday but i watered them last night (monday) they have lost a little color but they are not crunchy or nothing so if i keep on watering them will they survive

  12. Twiggjosh says:

    I received a pot plant of yellow mums for my birthday. I have them inside and I had watered it regularly but they are dying. What I can do to save them?

  13. Bailey says:

    I just got a potted miniature mum plant for Valentines day. I definitely don’t have a green thumb (I once killed a jade plant), but I’m determined to keep this one alive. Any advice is useful. Thank you!

  14. Pirate_gurl727 says:

    I bought a huge beautiful fall mum plant. Can they be cut back and kept indoors for the winter? Can it be planted outdoors, will it come back next year? I live in the U.P.
    The U.P. is the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. I live about 3 hours north of Green Bay Wisconsin

  15. Carlos Woodfork says:

    The last mum I had did not have much sunlight, and the buds did not blossom. End result my mum died. Now I have placed my baby mum in sunlight and added plant food. When my mum blossoms how can I prune it so that it can produce more flowers?

  16. Slick Blue says:

    I want to plant bulbs and regular annuals and things, but I want to plant them where there is always something bloomed. Pinks, Blues, and Purples prefered but other colors wil works to.
    Zone 6, Kentucky

  17. Celina says:

    Dear someone, please help me to know the name of some plants can eliminate air pollutant in the office or insine the house.The plant can help to reduce some pollution from computer or printer? Thanks very much

  18. Lauz says:

    I live in the Midwest and some summers are mild and some are super hot. What would be a good flower to plant if there is full to partial sun. There is also mums planted in the space but they are small, about a pint size, and won’t flower until fall?

  19. Bonehead says:


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