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When is It too Late to Plant Grass Seed

You may have similar questions as Can I Plant Grass Seed in November and How Much Grass Seed Do I Need,or you may also seek several useful information about When Is the Best Time to Put down Grass Seed. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Best Time to Plant Grass Seed,too. Read more as following:

Too late is going to depend on what type of grass seed you're planting and where you live geographically. If you experience freezes really early in the fall, you might want to consider planting your seeds in mid-summer so they can be well watered.

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Can I Plant Grass Seed in November?

When you plant grass seed depends on the type of seed you have and where you live. If you are planting cool season grass seed it should be planted as fall and winter approach and the temperatures are reaching 75. If you have warm season grass seed th… More »

How Much Grass Seed do I Need?

The amount of grass needed depends on the square footage of your lawn. Measure the square footage and compare the amounts needed to the back of the bag…. More »

When is the best time to put grass seeds down?

Hi Missyc You can lay grass seeds in either spring or autumn. It does depend slightly on where you are in the UK, but both times should be ok. You also have to make sure that the weather forecast looks alright, you don’t want it to be too hot or cold… More »

When is it too cold to plant grass seeds?

Planting grass seed too early or too late can result in a lawn with gaps. Grass seeds need specific temperatures to germinate and enough time to grow strong roots before hot or cold weather sets in. It’s too cold to plant grass seed if there is still… More »

How long does it take for grass seeds to germinate?

What is the climate where you are? I will assume you are talking about lawns rather than the grasses associated with prairies, pastures, orchards, meadows, etc. There are warm season and cool season grasses and for each of those several species and n… More »

Can i plant grass seed in march thru april?

just as long as there is no snow on the ground…. More »

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  1. Donna S says:

    I live in South Carolina and am trying to renovate my lawn and I don’t know if it is too late to plant grass seed?

  2. Tina says:

    what is the latest date to plant grass seeds in ny (zone 7) also i would like to plant a magnolia tree is that still possible now

  3. Sally Cat says:

    I had a new detached garage built. There’s plenty of exposed dirt around perimter. Should I plant grass seed this late in the year? If so, what is the best meathod to ensure grass in the spring?

  4. Gibson says:

    We bought 300 lbs. of grass seed in early spring,at a great price,but just now got the ground prepared.The odds that more seeds will germinate in the fall are much better,but the seeds will be “older” too.Should we take the chance?

  5. Rashell says:

    and how early in the spring can you plant most grass seed?

    how many weeks before or after frost time,,,does the seed need to have sprouted and be a seedling?

    and why? how depends?

    please explain what you can.

    thanks for your answers!

  6. Ashleighr says:

    It’s currently April 19th…we’re finally getting over that crazy snow weather we’ve been having and only see hotter days ahead…is it still too early to plant my grass seeds? Will there be a problem if I plant them and we get snow or a freeze?
    FYI, I live in southern part of Quebec, Canada

  7. Regular Coffee says:

    I planted grass seed a week ago and forgot to rake it in the ground i just mixed it in a week later will it still grow??

  8. Chayee says:

    I live in Stephenville, Texas (70 miles southwest of Fort Worth). When is the best time to plant Zoysia grass seed?

  9. Heather White says:

    the bare spots were caused by a thick patch of clover that has now died and left a spot where it choked out the grass. is there a certain kind of seed i should use. Location is Dallas Texas.

  10. Horses says:

    I just planted grass seed on a completely bare piece of ground. Should I mow the new grass when it is a little more than cutting height or should I let it “go to seed” first to “thicken” my lawn?

  11. Scripted says:

    thanks a lot

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