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When to Trim Rhododendron

You may have similar questions as How to Prune Rhododendron and How Do You Cut Back Rhododendrons,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Trim Rhododendrons On Top. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Best Time to Prune Rhododendrons,too. Read more as following:

The best time to do it is after the plant flowers. The Rhododendron Society is someone you will want to communicate with in reference to yours.

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How to Prune Rhododendrons?

The time to prune your rhododendron is in the spring. You then want to cut back to growing point. Cut out branches in the middle of the plant. Remember to cut at an angle. If cut is larger than inch you need to paint it with a pruning seal…. More »

How do you cut back a over grown rhododendron?

any cutting you do now, will take this year’s flowers off! To cut a rhododendron without sacrificing the flowers, do so within days of this year’s bloom. You can safely cut it back by 1/3 without damaging the plant at all. As a matter of fact, it wil… More »

How to Trim Rhododendrons on Top

Rhododendrons are flowering shrubs that grow in all areas of the United States. Trimming rhododendrons must occur in the late spring, just after blooming. Do not delay. If pruning is done in midsummer or later, the buds are removed from the bush, and… More »

How to trim a rhododendron bush?

1. Deadhead the rhododendron bush by removing old seed heads and flowers as they wither throughout the growing season. This will help the plant focus on growing and will help the rhododendron bush stay properly shaped as well. 2. Check the shape of t… More »

When to trim rhododendrons?

The optimal time to give rhododendrons a good pruning is immediately after they flower. Timing pruning and trimming after the blooming season gives you opportunity to remove old blooms and notice where new shoots might form buds for the next year’s b… More »

How to trim rhododendron plants?

1. Clean the shears with alcohol before and after trimming. Trim spent rhododendron flower clusters by making a cut 1/2 inch beneath the clusters or just above new growth on the branch. 2. Prune the rhododendron branches to get rid of any diseased, f… More »

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  1. Dr. Clone says:

    I trimmed a substancial branch from my Rhodo, and would love to grow another as it was planted in the memory of a family member. I can’t bear to throw it away. I have successfully rooted forsythia, but am unsure if it is the same process.

  2. Dustin says:

    How do I winterize a rhododendron in Wisconsin. Plant is about 4 years old. Has not flowered since first year I had it. Do I cut it off at the ground? Cover it?

  3. Ranchu says:

    I moved house two years ago and have two well established Rhododendron’s ..they have never flowered
    can anyone advise me please?
    They are at the front in full sun all day .what feed should I use ? Can I trim them back at this time of the year ? they are growing SO fast ?

  4. Jennie says:

    We trimmed up the bottom branches of out pine trees and want to plant a ring of something around the trunk that doesn’t involve hostas. Full to partial shade.
    No hostas because I want something different. Had a lot of hostas in the past

  5. Samantha Taylor Schwartz says:

    I remember when I was little, my mother took willow branches and stuck them in the ground with no prep but to trim the bark. 3 of 4 took and we had more weeping willows in no time. Will this work for a rhodedendron?

  6. Raprap says:

    What time of year should they be trimmed – spring or fall?

  7. Joosh says:

    FYI – For Southern states and specifically the Lorepetalum (Sp?) bush? Also, the Gardenia Bush? Does it need to be before or after a frost?

  8. Ditzyritz says:

    Is it OK to trim them back in the winter, even though they show buds on them already?

  9. Tyler Wallace says:

    The last time we tried was in spring and it killed six of them.
    That was two years ago.
    Now, they are hanging over our walkway…but I do not want to kill the remaining ones.
    I need some help from some one who knows about shrubs. Thanks.

  10. Mickaykay Xx says:

    You can either provide me with a link to an online list or article. Or, you can make recommendations on any books out there that has such a list or are written mainly about the subject of my question.

  11. Natalie Petrella says:

    Can I plant it in the middle of a perrenial bed of Bee Balm and Black Eye Susan?

  12. Dianasaur says:


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