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Where do Willow Trees Grow

You may have similar questions as How To Grow Willow Trees and How To Grow A Corkscrew Willow Tree,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does a Diamond Willow Tree Look like. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Diamond Willow Trees Where to Find,too. Read more as following:

Weeping willow will grow in zones 4 thru 9. They adapt well to any type of soil, they are also very good in standing water. The tree will drink up the standing water.

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How to Grow Willow Trees

Willow trees are quite popular for their graceful branches and flowing foliage, but looks are not all these beautiful trees have to offer. The fast growing willow is ideal for use as a shade tree or, planted in rows, as a windbreak. Within just a few… More »

How to grow a corkscrew willow tree?

1. Select a location to plant a corkscrew willow tree that provides enough room for its mature height and spread. Pick a site with full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. 2. Cultivate the area to a depth of one foot using a shovel (or rototi… More »

How to grow a willow (salix) tree?

1. The Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica) is the familiar and romantic looking tree with long drooping branches that sway in the wind. The Weeping Willow is a fast growing tree that can exceed 40′ in height. It is well that the branches can dangle gra… More »

How to grow weeping willow trees?

1. Plant weeping willows in full sun or partial shade at least 35 feet from your septic system or leach field. These trees develop an aggressive root system that gravitates to water. Tiny roots will infiltrate the smallest crack and quickly fill your… More »

How to grow a curly willow tree?

1. Take a cutting from an existing corkscrew willow in the early spring, right after the last frost date. Find a healthy branch about the diameter of a pencil. Measure 5 to 9 inches from the end of the plant and make a cut. 2. Choose a spot to root t… More »

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  1. Co0k!3_sage says:

    Would a large willow tree grow (wild?) in the woods of Grants Pass or Medford, Oregon? How big (tall/around)? What kind of willow?

  2. Celena Bussard says:

    i’m interested in getting a curly willow or a similar ornamental willow for my back yard. i’ve learned that regular willow trees will grow and their roots will seek out a water source. i don’t want it to interfere with the water pipes that are underground.

  3. Kirsten says:

    how wide do hybrid willow trees grow?

  4. Mickaykay Xx says:

    Is it possible my weeping pussy willow tree growing catkins mid summer? I just went out to prune some dead leaves and noticed tiny fuzzballs beginning to grow on the ends of some of the stems! I thought they only blossomed in spring?

  5. Kevin says:

    I have willow trees growing in the back of the spetic field. This is the first spetci system that I have had and I need to find out how to maintain, do’s and don’s

  6. Bnhgold says:

    We have a large lake behind our house that is filling back up. While it was dry many willow trees sprouted up an now they are mostly under water. What would you do to get rid of them with out harming fish?

  7. Nik Kimno says:

    I’m wanting to grow a willow tree. How long will it take for it to get really big?

  8. Allyson C says:

    not a WEEPING willow. Just a regular willow tree. I know that commonly they grey close to water like a pond or lake, but can a willow tree grow in a field? like an open field or pasture?

  9. Keeyon says:

    im doing construstion and i wanted to know when i plant my willow tree will it grow back after i cut it

  10. Loveeee says:

    Live in IL, ice storm broke large branches off of the weeping willow tree, and now the new growth are all growing straight up. Will the tree snap out of it or will limbs grow straight up and tree need to be removed?

  11. Blue Chaos So Nlq says:

    Hello, I want to grow a weeping willow tree from a small stem cutting, do I place the stem in water till it grows roots or plant directly into the soil? The stem is about 2 feet in length and is starting to grow flowers from it.

  12. Adrianna says:

    There is a large tree behind my Willow tree could this be the problem? How can I encourage the other side to grow?

  13. Courtney says:

    Where can I buy one and how much do they generally cost for a fully-grown willow tree? Thanks! Prefferably somewhere in NSW, Australia.

  14. Andrea Harvey says:

    I really like weeping willow trees. I’ve been told that a rip a branch out of the tree and put it in water until the roots grow. I need to know if that’s right, wrong, why, and another way to get my own willow. Thanks!

  15. Warrior9988 says:

    I would like a willow tree in my some what narrow but long vacant lot next to my house. The measurment I’m not sure of @this time.

  16. Aubrey Cochran says:

    I have limited sunlight. Do willow trees need sunlight? I would like to grow one.
    I have some open sunlight spaces.
    I do have some sunlight. I have seen some willow trees thriving without water.

  17. Gage Alleman says:

    I heard that willow trees could possibly be planted inside the body of water and grow to extend outward past the surface of the water. Is this true? and more importantly, are there any other trees that do this as well?

  18. Marlize says:


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