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Where does Cinnamon Grow

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Cinnamon is a spice native to Sri Lanka. It also grows in many other countries. These countries are: Southern India, Bangladesh, Java, Sumatra, West Indies, Brazil, Vietnam, Madagascar, Zanzibar, and Egypt.

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Where does Cinnamon Come from?

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark layers of a tropical evergreen tree that is predominantly found in Sri Lanka. In the United States, most of what we know as cinnamon comes from the bark of the Cassia tree, and is not as sweet as real cinnamon. You… More »

Where is Cinnamon Grown?

Cinnamon is mostly grown in India. It is actually from the bark of trees, not from a bean or fruit like some folks think. The tree itself is some type of tropical evergreen…. More »

Where does Cinnamon Grow?

Cinnamon can grow in any tropical area nowadays, but is was originally native to Sri Lanka and the that was the only place it was found. The spice we use is the bark of the tree ground up into a powder. … More »

How does Cinnamon Grow?

That spicy little number is made from dried bark of an evergreen tree that can group up to about 65 feet. My guess is that unless you are living in Southeast Asia, you don’t have one in your backyard. Thank goodness for the good old grocery store…. More »

How to grow cinnamon?

1. Provide sun to partial shade for cinnamon trees. Water moderately throughout the year but do not over water. 2. Protect the tree from hard freezes and prolonged cool weather. A cinnamon tree can survive short mild freezes. 3. Cultivate Cinnamomum… More »

How to grow a cinnamon fern?

1. Choose a planting location for your cinnamon fern that has moist, rich, acidic soil and receives dappled shade for the best results. Cinnamon fern tolerates full sun with constant watering or full shade with drier soil, but it performs best in par… More »

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  1. Turtle says:

    Is cinnamon made from the bark of a tree or something?

  2. Lol says:

    I found a cinnamon roll. I think it was just suppose to be the yellow roll with white icing. I don’t think it had sprinkles. Anyways, it has some green and red on it now.

    Is it safe to eat?

    So far, I have just left in on my desk since it looks pretty cool.

  3. Oscar says:

    I really want my hair to grow faster but I want ingredients that I can find at home.

  4. Alittlehigher says:

    Basically, how long does it take to grow 5 inches of hair?
    I’m trying to grow it out. Any tips and recommendations welcome.

  5. I Love My Kitten says:

    I want to grow my hair out but, have no patience what-so-ever! Is there anything out there that I can use to help stimulate hair folicles and get this hair of mine to grow?! I would prefer natural solutions if possible.

  6. Faustina says:

    I really want to grow my hair long, but it doesn’t grow very fast, are there any ways I can get it to do this without taking supliments ?

  7. Berubo says:

    I really want long hair and my hair grows slowly … i was woundering if there is any home remedies to get my hair to grow quicker … and please dont say exstentions I tried them and my hair to thin so you can see them through my hair

  8. Micah says:

    I have very large spruce trees in my backyard. And it looks soo ugly under them. We can’t cut them down at this time, but what can I plant under them to spruce up the backyard? And do raspberries grow under them?
    We trimmed the branches, and it get lots of afternoon sun.

  9. Karz91 says:

    I heard that if you mix avocado and egg whites then put it in your hair it helps to make it grow. Is this true. Also if you braid your hair does that help it grow too. & Does anyone know any good home remedies to help your hair grow faster. Thanks .

  10. Jesse says:

    I’m moving to a new house and my mom is very big on growing flowers. But the land is kinda sandy and there is alot of shade there. Does anyone have any good suggestions of flowers that would look good and won’t have a problem growing there?

  11. Brittany K says:

    I have had hair to the middle of my back but my hairdresser took it out and no its barely past my shoulders. What can help it grow fast besides virgin.

  12. Johanna White says:

    I have semi-short hair and i really would like to grow my hair out but it never does. it grows a little after i get it cut but then stops…i need any tips, advice, secrets on how to make it grow plaese?

  13. Codystudios says:

    So, two days ago.. I cut my hair way too short. I’m disappointed and was wondering if there is any way to make it grow faster. Please help.

  14. Howard says:

    Right now, my hair is cut to my shoulders I am trying to grow out my hair and get my natural hair color back.
    I drink a lot of water and have taken much of my sugar out of my diet. Is there anything I can take or some thing that will make it grow? My hair grows reasonably right now.

  15. Insta says:

    You know the taste you can see.
    Im never going to grow up for the single fact that I love this cereal so much.

  16. Penguinsplus says:


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