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Who Buys Black Walnut Trees

You may have similar questions as Who Do I Sell My Black Walnut Trees Too and How Much Are Black Walnut Trees Worth,or you may also seek several useful information about How Much Money Can I Get for a Black Walnut Tree. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Black Walnut Tree Buyers,too. Read more as following:

If you are looking to see who buys black walnut trees, you can do a search on for specialty lumber mills and distributors in your local area.

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Who Do I Sell My Black Walnut Trees Too?

If you are looking for someone to buy your black walnut trees, your best method is to put an ad in your local paper. You can also contact local nurseries or but up fliers around your town…. More »

How Much are Black Walnut Trees Worth?

Black walnut trees are in high demand. The more mature they are, the more they are worth. A mature black walnut tree can yield $5000.00 or more. Each year on the tree more value is added. You could have a forester or timber cutter come and give you a… More »

How to buy black walnut trees?

1. Map out where you want to plant your tree: Black walnut tree roots produce a chemical inhibiting growth, so landscapers will often pair the trees with blue grass, which grows well despite the chemical. According to the University of Minnesota, lea… More »

What does a Black Walnut Tree Look Like

A Black Walnut tree is a very large, thick trunked tree, with large sprawling branches. The largest known right now is in Oregon and in the summer, very beautiful…. More »

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  1. Words says:

    I have some black walnut trees and old barns for sale and would like to know how to sell them in upstate south carolina.

  2. Amu says:

    The house is in South Hadley Massachusetts. I am selling the two black walnut trees, these are old trees and I have heard that they are quite valuable. Are their any companies that will buy the trees as well as come and take them down?

  3. Relem says:

    I bought a ‘walnut tree’ and then found a ‘black walnut tree’. I didn’t know there were different kinds of walnuts….what is going to be the difference in the size of the trees and the nut itself?

  4. Gray says:

    I want to plant a black walnut tree at my home. But I am fearful of something maybe poisoning it. What are different types of things that are poisnous to them?

  5. 12883isme says:

    i have a black walnut tree and a burch tree cut down, i would like to know if eather one is alright to burn in my fireplace.

  6. Blahhhhh says:

    I have 3 downed and 4 standing Black Walnut trees I wish to sell. I don’t know a buyer. If anyone knows one, please let me know.

  7. Tiapop says:

    We have 3 large black walnut tree’s in our yard. We were told they could be sold for walnut stock for guns. Where would I find someone to cut and buy them? How much would they be worth to sell them?

  8. Asraf says:

    I am looking to find buyers for an old, very straight, disease free Blank Walnut tree, know of any?

  9. Oreo says:

    They are mature black walnuts and in pretty good shape.

  10. Rach says:

    What If I bought like some cheap 20 acre property and planted around 1000 walnut trees there.
    Then in like 50 years when I’m old I’d be able to cut them down and sell the lumber for a lot of $$$$$$$ just in case I was running out.

  11. Alan L says:

    I am wanting to sell a walnut tree in my yard and i heard the amish buy walnut trees.But do they buy them and cut them down?

  12. Jumper! says:

    I’m looking for buyers to purchase my black walnut trees as I was told these adult trees are worth good money trees range from 24in.
    around 80ft. tall and bigger only respectable info and offers Thank You

  13. S says:

    I want to know how to identify walnut trees, and have googled it but still am confused. I woukd really like nice details, especially about the leaves. Thanks;)!

  14. J Y says:

    for example can i buy them in walmart, home depot or kmart, etc.?

  15. Esmeralda Flores says:

    thanks a lot

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