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Why are my Arborvitaes Turning Brown

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Arborvitaes can turn brown due to the seasons and usually die off in the winter season. To prevent this from happening, when it begins to get cold wrap the arborvitae in a heavy burlap so it comes back in spring no problem.

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Why do my arborvitae turn brown?

Pestalotiopsis tip blight is a fungal disease that often affects arborvitae, typically attacking shrubs that are weak from environmental stresses. This disease can occur anytime during the year, but is most common during the spring months when the we… More »

How to keep your arborvitaes from turning brown?

1. Plant an arborvitae in well-draining soil where runoff is not an issue. Avoid low-lying areas as well. Plant it so the top of the root ball is even with the soil line. Planting an arborvitae too deep can cause it to turn brown and die. 2. Avoid ov… More »

Why Is My Arborvitae Turning Brown?

If your arborvitae turns brown over the course of the winter or early spring, the cause may be winter burn. The combination of wind, sun and lack of available water in winter can cause arborvitae foliage to turn brown, due to dessication. Regardless… More »

What would cause an arborvitae to turn brown?

Over watering could definitley turn the tree brown. Back off a bit and the tree should recover…. More »

Why the Leaves on a White Cedar Arborvitae Evergreen Are Turning Brown

A North American native, white cedar arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis) is an evergreen tree growing to 50 feet high. White cedar adapts to many growing conditions from dry sandy locations to wet areas in United States Department of Agriculture Hardines… More »

How to replant brown arborvitae?

1. Choose a replanting site for the brown arborvitae before digging it up. Select a site with full sun and excellent drainage. Avoid spots where water pools for more than two hours after a heavy rain shower. 2. Dig a planting hole at the chosen site… More »

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  1. Liv says:

    Half of my arborvitae trees have turned brown (in a grouping) while another grouping is fine. What can I do to save the ones that are turning and protect the others that are so far douing well?

  2. Scott says:

    I have 6 trees planted in a row. They are about 3 years old. Recently one is turning brown. It started turning brown at the edges and is working it’s way in. It’s not like when they turn brown from lack of watering in the first year or so. It’s a different kind of brown. Any ideas?

  3. Eilish says:

    Why did they name it both a cedar and an arborvitae then , if it is the same?

    The foliage on mine has turned brown in whole areas of the front of mine. I planted it this last spring, and I thought it got plenty of water. what could be wrong?

  4. Twiggjosh says:

    This tree is the last in a row of 12. It is slowly turning brown from the top down. I had a hemlock turn brown and die about three years ago that was about 8 feet from this arborvitae. All the other trees in the row seem fine.

  5. Marla says:

    i live in virginia, cooler weather but no frost yet. recently purchased arborvitaes and now the needles are turning brown and falling off. are bagworms still destructive and active in october?

  6. Monica Seacord says:

    I live in the Northeast. I have them in the garage (near a window for light) to try to keep them from freezing. I noticed that they are turning brown even though I am watering them. I don’t want to lose the investment, will they come back in the spring?

  7. Ericca Kirao says:

    I bought some about 6″ tall. Planted, watered and thought I was taking good care of them. They turned brown and died.

  8. Marbetgirl says:

    We planted 3 foot high arborvitas last year and this spring they are starting to look a bit brown. How often should I be watering them? Also should I do anything else to help them along.

  9. Anicholson says:

    The tree is clearly dying. Yes, the soil is poor but it has enough water. Words on the tree tag when we bought it are: Emerald Green Arborvitae, and Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’. Any ideas?
    The tag also reads: Mature Plant Height: 25′

  10. Midday Delusion says:

    Some of my arborvities have these tiny brown smooth circular looking things on them. When I pick them off, they appear to have white powder in them. I don’t know if it is a fungus, disease or insect. Please help.

  11. Jose Alberto says:

    We did plant them properly and watered them everyday. The middle of them are brown. I raked all around the bottom and put Bonemeal and food and raked that as well and soaked it. Is there anything else I should do? When we planted them we put earth and sheep manure.

  12. Trace says:

    our neighbor uprooted 6 arborvitaes and we replanted them in our yard. they are turning brown after a month of being transplanted.

  13. Comingofayge says:

    the trees are called emerald green arborvitae, 4 of them are good and green ,but te other 2 are a brow, is this a normal accurrance, or shall i pull them up, please help.

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