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Why do Asians have Small Eyes

You may have similar questions as Why Do Asians Have Different Eyes and Why Do Asians Have Squinty Eyes,or you may also seek several useful information about Are Filipinos Asian. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Origin of Asian Slanted Eye,too. Read more as following:

Well Asia is a big continent, and not all Asians have small eyes. Other countries in Asia are India, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel and Turkey. Small eyes is actually more hereditary than by ethnicity.

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Why do asians have different eyes?

Yes they have a right and a left one! Did you have any other questions? Thanks for …… More »

Why do asians have squinty eyes?

The epicanthic fold is a skin fold of the upper eye…… More »

Are Filipinos Asian?

Filipinos are Asian…. More »

Why do orientals have slanted eyes

It is the result of their genetic makeup and ancestry that has buil… …MORE…… More »

Do asian people have bad peripheral vision?

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Why do oriental people have slanted eyes?

Three reasons: 1. Highly elevated and pushed forward cheek bones. 2. Extra layer of skin over the eye that helped Asians adapt to cold weather during the last ice age. 3. Different eye structure in the skulls…. More »

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  1. Lakeland says:

    why do asians have small eyes ? correct me if im wrong but i think its something to do with the climate or something? is this true ? and if so why don’t Europeans have the same eyes? as the climate in parts of the far east and europe are basically the same!

  2. Zirp says:

    I was wondering if there was a reason why Asians have smaller eyes, or are they just weaker than other races?

  3. Catherine says:

    Now before some people get crazy this isn’t a racist question just a question about race. I know that not every Asian has small eyes but generally most do. How exactly did the people living in that region evolve with different looking eyes than most people?
    But why?

  4. Kyla says:

    people in south india and srilanka(and many more) have much larger eyes than most americans, but i often find that people think that asians have small eyes.

  5. Pau = ) says:

    I am Asian myself and I always wonder why my eyes are much smaller than my White American friends.

    what caused Asians to have small eyes?

  6. Guinea Pig Hamster says:

    I have small eyes that are sort of like an asian eye. My eye color is like a greenish hazel color. I also wear glasses if that helps. I love eyeliner, and I can’t wear eyeshadow because it gets on my glasses, and I love mascara. What brands would be good? My skin is really pale, if that helps too.

  7. Hey Jude says:

    they are super dark and almost look black. what kind of eyeshadow colors, mascaras, or other things to draw attention to my eyes and make them look bigger? im asian with small eyes.

  8. James Baker says:

    I’m Asian and I always get confused as Chinese which I hate with a deeper passion than anything else in this world. I wish I was Filipino or black and I hate having small eyes, especially in a black/Hispanic neighborhood and school. So WHY, why do Asians have small eyes!!!

  9. Kledbetter99 says:

    I’m Asian, and I have very, very small eyes. I wear glasses which makes them look bigger but soon I’m going to a convention where I’ll be taking them off occasionally. It bothers me because it seems no matter what I do, my eyes are incredibly small.
    Is there any way to make them appear bigger?

  10. Spaced Frehley says:

    I have small asian eyes like most asians do but I do not want to wear makeup or eyeliner since I am a guy. What can i do about this? I heard there were some facial exercises that could help too. I am not going to have surgery done in this either.

  11. Jogi says:

    My roommate is asian (south korean to be more specific) and she has really small eyes. She finds applying eyeliner very difficult and when she does it it comes out looking like a raccoon. Any suggestions for her?

  12. Horsegal00 says:

    I am an Asian and i have pretty small eyes. Is there a way I can make it bigger naturally without having to put make up or anything?

  13. Chayee says:

    i was wondering if asians had small eyes because back in the day when they worked in the rice fields the suns reflection off the water in the fields was too bright so they would squint all the time??

  14. Ladylynn says:

    i have really small eyes [from being asian] and i would loooove it if i could get my eyes to look much bigger.

  15. Tony Biondo says:

    Well I just want to know more about my background
    I find it weird that im Asian but people say NO u dont have small eyes
    Do all asians have small eyes?

  16. Aliyu Hayatu says:

    thanks a lot

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