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What does Freon Gas Smell Like

You may have similar questions as Is Freon Gas Toxic and What Does Freon Smell Like,or you may also seek several useful information about What Are The Dangers Of Freon Gas. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Is Freon Gas Poisonous,too. Read more as following:

Freon gas is both colorless and odorless but if it becomes overheated or is placed near a flame, freon gas can easily turn into mustard gas which has a very acidic smell and can cause severe and permanent damage to the lungs if inhaled.

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Is Freon gas toxic?

I have been living in an apartment since August, 1997, with a frige which I suspect has been losing Freon gas; the landlord had it recharged with Freon without checking the leak. He claims it is not toxic, but I heard from various sources that it is…. More »

What does Freon Smell Like?

Freon generally does not have any noticeable order, so it does not smell like anything. But if freon may be leaking from a pipe it might have an oily odor to it…. More »

What are the dangers of freon gas?

Freon is a colorless, mostly odorless gas used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It has uses as an industrial cleaner. DuPont owns the trademark to the Freon name. The most common forms of Freon are Freon-11, Freon-12, Freon-22, Freon-11… More »

How to Get Rid of Gas Smell?

To get rid of a gas smell you should open all windows and turn on any fans to get the smell out. Be careful not to light a match or lighter until it is completely cleared out. You can also use some order spray to get the smell out of curtains and fur… More »

What Makes Natural Gas Smell?

These days they sometimes put a compound called Thiophane and it has a nasty rotten egg type smell. We add odors to gas to let us know if we have a leak as in it’s true form it is odorless…. More »

How to Get Gas Smell Out of Clothes?

Gasoline clothing is extremely flammable and should not be washed or dried. Throw the clothing away and get something new that will not be hazardous…. More »

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  1. Clara says:

    A chemical is being emitted every time my AC goes on. Not mold. No sewer smell, ,makes me cough. Initially, when I sat under vent, I had pains in my chest. Having difficulty in what to look for
    and how to find someone reliable in So Fl to test and correct.

  2. Lori says:

    It is not a spill or food that is causing the smell. It seems to be the fridge itself. The smell comes from both the freezer and the fridge…it kind of reminds me of turpentine or nail polish remover.

  3. Steve The says:

    I have a 98′ Accord and the smell is making driving almost unbearable. My mechanic said it doesn’t smell like coolant, freon or anything else he has ever smelled. Any suggestions?

  4. Nikki Noroozipour says:

    Hi. I have a refrigerator that leaks gas when you plug in the cord. When the gas leaks it smells like skunk and it reaIlly hurts my head. I was wondering where you should call in LA so they can pick up the broken refigerator and recycle it. Please help

  5. Theresa C says:

    I don’t use the freezer anyway, but a day later the smell is still there. Will the fridge portion of the mini fridge still be good?
    I’m thinking of ‘gorilla gluing’ the hole. Is that a good idea?

  6. Tlb2805 says:

    I have a refrigerator, two toaster ovens, a microwave and a stove. The microwave was on for some odd reason. The stove and fridge have went fualty before but the stove is unplugged. Just 2 weeks ago, my fridge went out, so i kicked the compressor and it started working, could the smell be freon?

  7. Suraj says:

    What could be the problem ? Is a climate control air- cond
    there is no leak, just recently recharge my ac.

  8. Fluttershy says:

    While the car is sitting idle with the AC running, a chemical like odor is emitted inside the car. The smell is worst when I pull into the garage. The good thing is that it does not smell like gas. Could it be freon leaking out??? The car is a 2007 Chevy Impala.

  9. Eon says:

    I have an office mini-fridge that is getting frost buildup and I want to thaw it without having to take the contents out and it outside and letting it melt there. Hot water bottle on the freezer part? That kind of thing.

  10. April A says:

    I had my battery replaced last week, but didn’t notice the smell until a day ago. I bought gas at the same place as usual last week. I haven’t drove a lot in the last week, but did over the weekend and never smelled a thing.

  11. Rarisa says:

    The house always smells like eggs now, It just started to smell like that. the man down stairs smokes we have central heating could it be the heater, or coming from the gas line from the stove,the water pipes, maybe water in the walls? Help!

  12. Kaylynn_cullen says:


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