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How Were Senators Elected Before Amendment 17

You may have similar questions as How Were Senators Elected Before The 17 Amendment and How Were Vacancies Filled before Amendment 17,or you may also seek several useful information about What Was the Purpose of the 17th Amendment. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Direct Election of Senators,too. Read more as following:

Senators were chosen by the State Legislature before the Amendment 17. Since 1913 voters have elected their senators in their private voting booth which the framers of the Constitution did not want to ever happen.

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How were senators elected before the 17 amendment?

They were chosen by state legislatures, which led to confusion and …… More »

How were political vacancies filled before amendment 17?

The ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment was the outcome…… More »

What is the purpose of the 17th amendment?

the 17th amendment effects us today by making the government work more smothly. The 17th amendment changed the way US Senators were seated from selected by State Legistaures to popular voting system…. More »

Why was the 17th Amendment Passed?

So that the person who would serve in the Senate would be one that the people of the state had elected. It was a simple "power to the people"…. More »

What does Amendment 19 Provide?

The 19th Amendment to the United States provides the right for all citizens of the United States to vote. This Amendment prohibits the state and federal government from denying this right…. More »

Why was the 17th amendment made?

Originally, senators were chosen by state legislatures. In 1913 the 17th amendment pr…… More »

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  1. Allan says:

    Before the 17th amendment (direct vote to electing senators), how were the Senators elected?

  2. Funny says:

    This was the practice before the Seventeenth Amendment. How would things have been different if the law had not changed?

  3. James Baker says:

    I was reading that Robert La Follette was elected to the Senate in 1905, but this was before direct election of Senators was mandated by the Constitution. Is this an error?

  4. Bnhgold says:

    What happens if the 14th and 17th amendment were repealed in 2011?

  5. Gabrielc97 says:

    When we started electing senators didnt it give the Federal Government more power? Before if a senator did something against the states will they could be recalled asap……

  6. Shydaily says:

    ok, so the reason that the 17th amendment was passed was because the state legislature was electing corrupt senators, right? so, could some one give me an example of one of the corrupt senators, please?

  7. Peggy says:

    and How many elected African Americans are there now in the senate?

  8. Sarah L says:

    Can you explain the 17, 18 and 20th amendment in 5th grade words? please and thank you!

  9. Stu says:

    Was it because they were sure his power wouldn’t take over the country?

  10. Tony Biondo says:

    Ex. The had to fight for the amendment for suffrage, did they for this one?

  11. Crystle Keilman says:

    I’m not asking about their numerical differences, such as term limitations.

  12. Amanda B says:

    Before we citizens elected these noble men, did the states governors choose them?

  13. Chestnutthoroughbred says:

    I really don’t know what my teacher is referring to here ;( but here are the possible answers..
    a>the president
    b>the senate
    c>the supreme court
    d>the electoral college
    e>the house of representatives

    thanks for the help and please explain answer!

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